Thursday, October 6, 2022

KSTH launches booklet on traditional attires

Kohima Sümi Totimi Hoho (KSTH) launched a booklet published by Sümi Totimi Hoho (STH) on “Sümi Tiphi Mini: Ajutho Kaku” (Sümi Traditional Attires: Photo Gallery) on September 12, at Red Cross Building, Kohima.
In a press release, KSTH president Kavitoli Jakhalu informed during the programme, Kohima Sümi Totimi Hoho advisor Ghovili Achumi in her speech said the booklet highlighted the rich traditional attires. She also said it gave insight to specific wears and rounding up the attires to give a lowdown on Sümi Tiphi Mini, with photo gallery.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by Kohima Sümi Totimi Hoho president Piholi Swunetho while the booklet was dedicated by associate pastor (F) SBCK Lujeka Assumi.