Monday, August 8, 2022

KTDSSU visit educational institutions; finds ‘discrepancies’

With an objective to identify “major loopholes in educational institutions” and government offices, Kiphire Tuensang District Sumi Students Union (KTDSSU) conducted its first phase of tour under its jurisdiction from May 2-6 on the theme “To provide good and quality education”.
In a press release, KTDSSU president Isuka Sumi and general secretary Tonika Aye stated that during their tour, the union “found many discrepancies in almost all government aided schools”.
KTDSSU said that the schools were facing “shortages of teachers and lacking behind without proper development and others basic necessary infrastructures”.
With regard to shortage of teachers, the union urged upon the department of School Education (DOSE) that GMS Phisami village under SDEO & EBRC Seyochung was functioning without maths teacher.
It said GHS Sitimi town under the establishment of DEO Kiphire was short of English, Maths and Science teachers while GPS Shothumi ‘A’ village was suffering shortage of teacher, with two teachers alone, looking after five classrooms.
In this regard, KTDSSU requested the responsible department to look into the matter on priority and deploy teachers.
It also warned and reminded absentee teachers posted under GPS Lukhami village under EBRC Seyochung town to “eliminate the illegal practice of proxy teacher” and to be in their posting place. KTDSSU expressed disappointment to see the condition of students facing difficulties at GMS Sikiur ‘B’ village under SDEO Shamator town where the teachers were absent from their duty “except drawing teacher, peon and chowkidar.”
The union urged upon the teachers posted at GMS Sikiur ‘B’ village and GPS Lukhami village to be stationed at their own posting place and perform their duty within five days.
KTDSSU warned that the union would take its own course of action as per department service rules, if the erring teachers failed to comply within the stipulated time.
Meanwhile, on Monday, the union during its tour, “found out that except ADC office”, CHC & GHS at ADC Seyochung town all other department—SDAO agriculture, SDEO education office at seyochung town were “not functioning properly.”
Besides PHC and GHS Sitimi town, KTDSSU claimed that all the offices under EAC Sitimi town headquarters—CDPO & BDO offices were not functioning well, including EAC office Sitimi town.
It also claimed that “none of the veterinary staff in Sitimi town were on duty.”
Reiterating its statement on March 16, the union has asked those posted under KTDSSU jurisdiction to be in their posting place.
Reaffirming its statement, the union also reminded government employees under KTDSSU jurisdiction to be stationed and to execute their duties “before the union takes further action”.

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