Thursday, August 18, 2022

KU asks state government to set up govt colleges

Konyak Union (KU) has appealed to the state government to set up three more government colleges at Tizit, Aboi and Tobu, in order to accommodate the increasing number of college-going students in the district.
In a press release, KU president Tingthok Konyak and general secretary Manpang W Wangyen said Mon district being the most populated district “should not always be treated as equals with the rest of the districts in the state.”
KU said population ratio should be taken into account while distributing developmental projects.
“It is high time that the government of Nagaland understand this issue and take the matter seriously”, it stated. The union also pointed out that it could not afford “to see Mon district being left out as backward district even among the backward districts of the state.”
Meanwhile, KU acknowledged advisor for School Education, K.T. Sukhalu and DUDA advisor Bongkhao Konyak for successfully upgrading Government High School (GHS) Tobu to Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS).
It hoped that the responsible department would deploy adequate number of teaching staff without delay for the newly upgraded school.
The union also expressed gratitude advisor for Horticulture & Border Affairs, Mhathung Yanthan and the department of Horticulture for setting up sub-divisional horticulture office at Tobu.
The union expressed optimism that the set up would aid people of the area, especially farmers, who were solely dependent on farming for their livelihood.

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