Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kuthur village celebrates Metümnyo

Metümnyo festival, the premier festival of Yimkhiung community, was celebrated with much pomp and gaiety at Kuthur village, Tuensang on August 8.
The festival was organised by the Kuthur Village Council (KVC) with NDPP, central executive committee member, H Zungkum Chang as special guest.
In his speech, Chang while lauding the people on the grand celebration emphasised on building friendship and unity as significance of the festival.
He also underscored the importance of the elderly in the village who have paved way for younger generation by passing down cultural values.
Acknowledging 15 elderly people in the village between age 90 to 100, the special guest said that a festival was a time for people to remember the sacrifices their ancestors had made for them.
Pointing out that festivals were tools of unity, Zungkum said the people must always keep the spirit of love and unity alive, only then, there will peace and happiness among neighbouring villages.
The programme was chaired by Lily and C H Amongba, invocation by Kuthur Baptist Borü (KBB) Pastor Y Mongchim George, welcome address was delivered by KVC chairman, S Kejingkhum while significance of the festival was shared by 2nd head GB, Kuthur village, S Neojichung; A cultural song rendition was presented by youth department, KBB and womenfolk presented a number of cultural songs led by S Mahbala and C Moasangla; young kids led by C C Churün GB and A Shocha GB showcased children’s favourite activity and KBB deacon K Shichuba said the benediction.