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KVC rejoinder to TVAC, TYSO

 The Khezhakeno Village Council (KVC) is constraint to respond to the press statement issued by Tungjoy Village Authority Council (TVAC) and the Tungjoy Youth & Students’ Organisation (TYSO) that was published in the local media on 5th March, 2021 and again on 12th March, 2021 on the abduction and assault case of Mr. T. Ngolo Koza, Dobashi (DB) attached to Magistrate/EAC Khezhakeno and over the State boundary issue. The refuting statement as published by the Tungjoy people led by MS Marcus, Chairman Tungjoy Village Authority Council (TVAC) and ZS Veini, President Tungjoy Youth and Student’ Organisation (TYSO) is nothing but exposing their own insane mind of Cheap habitual lies and trying to cover up their crimes by turning the table up-side down, by blaming the innocent Mr. Ngolo, Govt. Dobashi (DB) instead as the criminal, while actually the criminals and encroachers were they themselves-the Tungjoy people, since the incident occurred well within the demarcated Nagaland boundary. 

We would like to remind here that Mr. Ngolois serving as a head Dobashi (DB), who was on bonafide duty, sincerely performing his official duty as deputed by the Magistrate Khezhakeno to oversee at the Chida Resort site representing the Nagaland State Government on that fateful day of 15/02/2021 but was obstructed from performing his official duty. Therefore, His abduction at gun point, manhandling, physical assault with axe butt and lathis, torturing him with tied hands from the back and dragging and taking him for a torturous ride for about ten hours in a Tata Sumo (veh. no. MNOC0043) followed by another vehicle, carrying him from one village to another village under Manipur state, robbing of his cell phone, etc proves the criminal sick minds of the Tungjoy people. Sufficient evidence of physical torture and medication certificates proves the extent of inhuman torture. 

However, we are thoroughly surprised at the justification made by MS Marcus, Chairman TVAC that on mere allegation that Mr. T. Ngolo led the youth in felling trees and ferrying them away for firewood, cutting inter village road, setting fire and what not had fully endorsed the abduction and torture for more than 10 hours under his supervision. Are you still justified? Just on a mere allegation? And also that Mr. Ngolo was abducted in the presence of the 2nd OC and the security forces from Manipur Government. Is it not a total violation of human rights? Therefore, we call upon the Human Rights Community also to take concern against the culprits too.

Ignorance of law is no excuse, and since the official notification was well notified since 1925 for all general consumption purposes, on the boundary demarcation based on the watershed Principle, and whereas, since, Tungjoy people are no bigger than the governing law that was or is prevailing and binding, should once and for all come to their senses and learn to abide and honour the wisdom of the prevailing law of those who once governed them or that still governs them. The Tungjoy people urgently need to realize one thing about the British, for the Britishers had come, administered the area and long gone. As such, they should stop dreaming illusion cozily sleeping over their ignorance that the Naga headhunting prevented the Britisher’s rule in this part of the country, when all are aware that the British-India had administered the Naga Hills area. And since then, in these long years, the issue was taken up at various administrative levels like Deputy Commissioner, Chief Secretary and Home Commissioner, etc accordingly. We also failed to understand why the Tenyimia People’s Organization (TPO) had to be roped in to the issue at this juncture, when so far the State Government is taking all out effort in resolving the issue at its best. In this regard, it is to substantiate here that even spot verification was carried out by Shri. Y. Patton, Deputy CM & Incharge of Home R&B and National Highway, Shri. Neiba Kronu, Minister for Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue & Parliamentary Affairs, Commissioner Nagaland, DGP Nagaland, IGP (Range), Addl. Director, Border Affairs and a host of Government officials who visited recently.

The Tungjoy people and the Manipur State Government should learn to understand the decisions and recognize the boundary pillars which were erected in accordance with the 1925 Notification based on the 1872 Captain Butler and Dr. Gordon survey. Therefore, without honouring or respecting the Inter-State/District/village boundary is nothing but a sick mind deprived of a civilized reasoning power. Hence, we cannot allow Tungjoy People to do any illegal activities of any land encroachment, illegal logging or illegal farming, or to construct illegal road across Chida Resort area for 24/7 cross-border smuggling or use as safe passage escape route for criminal; as in the murder case of one Inspector of 5th NAP battalion during 15/09/2018, etc. We would also like to remind the Tungjoy people not to take delight in counting the death bodies killed during the infamous 1956 Operation led by their people. The wounds are still fresh and your sinister criminal acts will not be forgotten. Your continuous act of aggression and perpetrating crimes against our people is so long tolerated but mind you, we will not give in to what is dear and right to us, but instead fight for our rightful territory. The area is declared as the Chida Resort through the initiative of the Tourism department under Nagaland State Government. As such, the State Government of Manipur should not be misled but instead made to realize to honour the wisdom of the British-India Administration of the famous watershed principle as laid over.

D. Lhouchinyi, Chairman, Khezhakeno Village Council

T. Kamo koza, Head G.B. Khezhakeno Village Council

Senovielhou Koza, President,

Khezhakeno Youth Organization

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