Tuesday, September 27, 2022

KVSU organises ‘28th Spero Meliora’


Kohima Village students Union (KVSU) and the Dolphin club organised the 28th Spero Meliora at Kohima Village Council hall on the theme “break the ice and steal a march”, here, on Saturday.
In an address, Nagaland Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (NBOCWWB) chairman, Dr. Kekhrielhoulie Yhome said people should not leave the past behind as it should be preserved.
Pointing out that Kohima village was known to be a big village, Dr. Kekhrielhoulie advised the youth to work harder in the education sector and excel in society.
The competitions saw participation from students representing Tsütuonuomia Students Union (TSU), Lhisemia Students Union (LSU), Dapfütsumia Students Union (DSU) and Pfuchatsumia Students Union (PSU).
Under cultural group song, D Khel was declared winner and T Khel the runner-up; under solo competition, Visaleu Mepfhüo (LSU), Khriephrenuo Mere (PSU) and Avibou Belho (TSU) were declared first second and third and under painting, Khrieketounuo Kerhuo (LSU), Petekhrienuo Kire (DSU) and Menuosenuo Khezhie (DSU) were declared first, second and third.
Under sketching Siedzelenuo Sachü (DSU), Ruovisie-ü Zatsu (TSU) and Kekuosienuo Sekhose (TSU) were declared first second and third;
Kethokhrienuo Kire (DSU), Neipedenuo Sorhie (LSU) and Kethokenuo Kire (DSU) were declared first, second and third under essay writing (Tenyidie) while under essay writing (English), Kelhouvinuo Rutsa (PSU), Kikruneinuo Vizo (LSU) and Mhaphrusezo Solo (TSU) were declared first, second and third.
Under the debate competition, Neisazhünuo Rutsa (PSU), Kepebeinyü Rame (PSU) and Kekhrieguzo Belho (TSU) bagged the first, second and third prizes; Kekhriegunuo Solo (TSU), Viketounyü Zatsu (TSU) and Thejatshu-ü Rutsa (PSU) were declared first second and third under spelling bee and under quiz competition, Khriezer Belho (TSU) & Mhaphrusezo Solo (TSU) Zelaneituo Kire (DSU) & Vikuonuo Khezhie (DSU) were declared first and second.
Earlier, Mezüvonuo Suohu and Kevipfheü Solo compered the programme, invocation by the associate pastor, Khedi Baptist church, Kezhakietuo Belho, convenor, organising committee, Dzüvinguzo Mepfhüo delivered welcome address while KVSU president Neizovolie Nigel Solo proposed vote of thanks.