Friday, October 7, 2022

Lack of awareness biggest stumbling block in keeping Dmu clean

Staff Reporter

Garbage thrown by pedestrians, houses and shop owners virtually everywhere except at designated places has emerged as the biggest hurdle in keeping the commercial hub of the State clean.
Confirming this to Nagaland Post, Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) administrator Albert Ezung said “behavioural wastes” were largely avoidable, provided an efficient refuse collection service was in operation and litter bins were provided for use of pedestrians. But for this to happen, public awareness was required, he added.
He mentioned that more than 140 cleaners were covering more than 90 colonies under the municipal council as well as market areas to keep the city clean. For cleaning of drains, Ezung claimed that DMC has tied up with colony authorities to sensitise, check and impose fine to those found littering the drains. Yet, he lamented that people still continued to litter.
He pointed out that the cleaners who collected garbage from the colonies have been assigned to clean the drains as well.
“The sludge that accumulates at a particular place is being removed with excavators (JCB) to make enough room for the water to flow,” he added.
He remarked that undeterred use of polythene bags by residents and shopkeepers alike and which later found their way to drains, blocking them, affected the council’s efforts to keep the city clean.
Mentioning that generation of waste was a continuous process as waste was produced each day, Ezung claimed that DMC strived to cope with it through collection, transportation and disposal daily.