Thursday, August 18, 2022

Learning is a lifelong process

A person’s knowledge and his ability to learn is something that is applauded by the world. No matter, how much wealth he earns, if he doesn’t display the enthusiasm to listen and learn more each day then he cannot grow as a person.
To learn constantly from different sources around is an integral part of one’s life as it endows wisdom to a person and if it is not a constant phenomenon then life might become stagnant.The more you learn, more you grow but one’s resistance to change, which is a natural human tendency impedes his/her learning and gradually hinders the person’s growth. Imagine a scenario where people are happy with the current state of affairs and display reluctance to change then we wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to reap the benefits of numerous innovations that have happened over the years.
Had Newton not been eager to discover the reason behind apple falling off the tree towards the ground then we would have never come to know about gravity.
per Thomas Edison’s teachers, he was too incompetent to learn anything; he was also fired from his first two jobs for not performing upto the mark, yet he made 1000 unsuccessful attempts to invent a bulb. Had he lacked the zeal to learn different ways to achieve his end goal then the world would have never seen such a miraculous innovation happening.
In the current scenario, if youth starts to follow the tried and tested ways while choosing a career for themselves, if they simply try to fit themselves in a comfortable job with minimal challenges then there won’t be any entrepreneurs, leading to scarcity of innovations as well as jobs.
Time and again, the world needs new ideas and revolutionary products & services to bolster the development and to progress economically; however, the first step towards development is idea generation and that comes only if one is curious to learn new things and zealous enough to challenge the status quo. No matter how much knowledge a person gains, there is always a scope to learn something new and far more interesting than what one already knows. Therefore, one should never think that he has reached a threshold where he knows everything under the sky as that will hamper his inquisitive mind.
Having the curiosity to ask questions gives a boost to your ability to learn as it ensures that you have the capability to challenge the existing ways, therefore asking as many questions as possible forms an integral part of the learning process.
If one makes the habit of reading, discussing and asking questions on different topics as an important part of his/her lifestyle then he/she is in a position to impart knowledge to others.
A person who is rich by the knowledge that he possesses is well respected by the society and is in a position to form his/her own opinion which is not largely influenced by the external factors.
A well informed and learned person is eventually in a better position as compared to the one who displays least amount of eagerness to learn and is content with the knowledge that he already has.
As rightly said, any sort of knowledge gained is beneficial, if it doesn’t prove beneficial at the very moment, don’t worry! It will certainly prove so in the least expected ways, in future.
Therefore, an individual’s learning process should be incessant throughout.
Alivi Yeptho, Kohima

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