Monday, October 3, 2022

LFS organises ‘disability awareness’ programme

Livingstone Foundation Society (LFS) organised a programme on “disability awareness” on the theme, “different but not less” for the students and mentors May 24 at Livingstone Foundation International.
In a press release, LFS informed that the programme was organised in active collaboration with the office of the state commissioner for Persons with Disability (PWDs), department of Social Welfare, government of Nagaland.
Speaking on the occasion as the main guest speaker, the state commissioner for PWDs, Diethono Nakhro highlighted various aspects of disability and its day-to-day challenges that people, especially the young ones.
Diethono spoke on the various kinds of disabilities like physical disability which includes locomotor disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment and speech impairment, and Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) which includes mental retardation and other mental and behavioural disabilities.
She lamented that many people are less concerned about the disabled people around them and see them merely as “charity objects” not aware that disabled people also need equitable rights like normal people do.
Speaking on the challenges and barriers, Diethono remarked that young people with disability do not have ample access to proper education due to lack of facilities including lack of special educators in the schools meant for normal students.
She said it was not only the presence of physical barriers like lack of ramps, lifts or elevators for disabled people but even non-physical barriers like inaccessible communication systems lead to innumerable challenges for the PWDs.
Encouraging the disabled people to be positive and think not lesser than others though they may be different, Diethono asserted that being disabled was nothing to be ashamed about and remarked that disabled persons were not failed versions of what was perceived as normal by the society around them.
Earlier, in a word of welcome, Livingstone Foundation Society secretary and director LFI, Ani Yepthomi said the initiative by LFS would “definitely create a ripple of transformation in not only the education set-up but also in the wider perspective of the society”.