Thursday, October 6, 2022

Litigants ready to settle Dimapur airport land issue

DIMAPUR, SEP 4 (NPN) | Publish Date: 9/4/2021 1:49:29 PM IST

At least 13 litigants in the 17.9 acres approach towards Chathe/Diphu river—which is a part of the development and expansion of the Dimapur airport—have reiterated that they were not against the development process, but were ready for amicable settlement if the authorities recognised their genuine rights.

A joint statement signed by 13 litigants stated that they came into possession of their respective lands presently under dispute by way of purchase/gift from different individuals and processed the required land documents through the competent revenue authorities. 

The litigants stated they had been under peaceful occupation and possession of their lands by by constructing residential houses and other ancillary activities. The litigants also said they never had the intention to hamper or disturb the developmental activities of the Airport Authority of India. 

However, the litigants said that in order to protect their land and property, they sought shelter from the court to prevent the authorities from arbitrarily evicting them from their property. 

The litigants said they were ready to part with their lands in order to pave the way for the development of the Airport if fairly compensated for the land and properties by following the process of land requisition and acquisition as per the existing taws of the land. 

Further, the litigants said that they were also ready to amicably settle the issue outside the court as and when approached by the concerned authorities.