Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Major airlines cancel, change flights to US over 5G dispute


Major international airlines canceled flights heading to the US or changed the planes they’re using Wednesday, the latest complication in a dispute over concerns that 5G mobile phone service could interfere with aircraft technology.
Some airlines said they were warned that the Boeing 777, a plane used by carriers worldwide, was particularly affected by the new high-speed wireless service.
It was not clear how disruptive the cancellations would be. Several airlines said they would try to merely use different planes to maintain their service.
The cancellations and changes came a day after mobile phone carriers AT&T and Verizon said they would postpone new wireless service near some US airports planned for this week. US Federal Aviation Administration has cleared a number of aircraft to fly into airports with 5G signals, but the Boeing 777 is not on the list.
5G service uses a segment of the radio spectrum that is close to that used by radio altimeters, which are devices that measure the height of aircraft above the ground and help pilots land in low visibility.
Air India cancels 8 US flights: Air India canceled eight flights on India-US routes from Wednesday onwards due to the deployment of 5G internet in North America which could interfere with aircraft’s navigation systems.
Meanwhile, DGCA chief Arun Kumar told PTI that the Indian aviation regulator was working “in close coordination with our carriers to overcome the situation” that has arisen due to 5G internet’s deployment in the US.