Sunday, August 14, 2022

Manipur landslide: One morebody recovered; death toll at 50


The death toll from the devastating landslide at the railway line construction camp in Manipur’s Noney district rose to 50 with one more body recovered on Saturday, day 10 of the search and rescue operation. The search and rescue team recovered the badly decomposed body in the afternoon, around 3.30 pm. Officials said 11 missing persons were yet to be traced. The search and rescue operation will continue further.
Even though the exact identity of the recovered body was yet to be officially confirmed, it was suspected to be the body of rail official Kamlesh Talukdar (37) from Assam. Three officials of the railways were victims of the massive landslide that struck the railway construction camp and 107 Territorial Army at Makhuam village in Noney district in the wee hours of June 30.
The dead body of two officials had already been retrieved from the debris of the landslide.
As many as 79 people, mostly personnel of the TA stationed at the railway line construction camp to protect the officials and workers engaged in the project, were affected by the landslide.
During the initial stage of the operation by a joint task force of NDRF, SDRF, state police, fire service, TA, Assam rifles, CRPF and local volunteers, 18 people were rescued alive The official source said that bones recovered on July 6 has not been confirmed if it was that of a human being or domesticated animal and was not counted as a body.

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