Thursday, October 6, 2022

Messages, speeches on ‘Naga Independence Day’

GPRN president Lt. Gen. (Retd) Khango Konyak

Dear Naga countrymen, on this historic day once again I give glory to God Almighty for His providence in sustaining our people and our sacred National movement thus far.
Since the beginning of our political struggle thousands of Naga men and women have sacrificed their priceless lives. We pay homage to all the departed patriotic souls and recounts their glorious services rendered to the national struggle. The visionary leadership of our pioneers and indomitable spirit of our past leaders on the firm principle of ‘one people one nation’ did unite all the Nagas with one hope and one dream for a free republic.
Yet, it is very unfortunate that the Nagas today are on the fringe of dismemberment with narrow tribalism and factionalism, the very evil that has caused suspicion and among the Nagas. If we don’t desist ourselves from plying this path, only self-destruction and self-defeat awaits us.
At this crucial phase of our struggle, let us all rise above petty communal and groupism centred agendas but revive and live out the true meaning and purpose of Naganess. As a people we must concentrate our efforts not for mere survival but to prosper and to compete with the rest of the world.
We must not allow the withering away of the innate qualities of bravery, honesty and truthfulness of our Naga fore-fathers. Most Naga leaders are being carried away by materialism of the modern world. Greed, envy, narcissism, nepotism and corruption since the last few decades has destroyed the very fabric of our Naga society. The Naga National leaders and workers are no less an exception to these foreign culture. Unless we cast away hypocrisy and bigotry in our daily lives, not only is our present in peril but the future of the Nagas appears too bleak.
Let us live inside out and make ourselves an example of true Naganess both in speeches and in deeds, only then can we resuscitate our struggle and our dream as ‘one people one nation’ free from tyranny and injustice.
Having said thus, the Nagas today are on the cusp of political transition. Every effort that is humanly possible at this point of time to bring about an honourable and enduring solution has been invested and the political negotiation between the Naga negotiators and GOI has been successfully concluded. However, it is quite lamentable that certain section of the Nagas too obsessed with power and position has refused to accept the reality and instead of delivering solution has chosen to obstruct the Naga political solution with every deceptive means available at their disposal.
But how long can we allow anti-solution and anti-people elements to defy the popular will of the Naga people. The Naga people are no longer too naïve to be misled by propagandas and lofty impracticable ideas. The welfare and future of the Nagas are too paramount for any vested section preaching lies and fraudulent ideas.
The Naga people, the true stakeholders have given a clarion call for early political solution on the basis of the people’s mandated concluded negotiation and therefore there should be nothing more or less than realising the popular desire of the people lest we continue to suffer in ignominy in the hands of subversive elements hell bent on squeezing the life blood of the Nagas at every possible opportunity by delaying the solution.
The Nagas have had enough of the subjective presentation of the issue and tall political sermon based on illusion. The goal lines have already been drawn by ourselves at this opportune time and moment. We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by those elements spreading fear and bloodshed. We must all stand upright and defeat the dark forces of enslavement. Political solution is not an option but a compulsion, the only means to peace and prosperous future of the Nagas.

NPGN/NNC(N/A) president T. Ovung

My dear people of Nagalim, I am very happy today the 14th AUGUST 2022 for God granting me golden privilege to avail this opportunity to celebrate/observe this red-letter day along with our Naga fellows.
Mr. R. N. Ravi former interlocutor for Naga’s peace talk once, some years back said/told the Nagas that there will be only one agreement and one solution for Naga’s political settlement, which is inclusive, lasting, honourable snd acceptable to all Nagas and signed an agreement known as “Framework Agreement” for Nagalim which includes Nagas of Manipur, Nagas of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagas of Nagaland, Nagas of Assam and Nagas of Myanmar (Burma) as well with Nagas represented by Th. Muivah G. S, NSCN(I’M) as chief negotiator for Naga peace talk on 3rd August 2015 in presence of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modiji and after two years of signing the Framework Agreement again Mr. R.N.Ravi signed another agreement so called “Agreed Position” only for Nagas of Nagaland, no inclusiveness with working committee of 7 NNPG’s on 17 November 2017.As such he has signed two Agreements for Naga Solution, so where has gone the word “One Agreement One Solution” of Mr. R. N. Ravi? Mr. R. N Ravi has forgot his own word and ignored his own signature put in the said Agreement (F/A) and distanced from the same. Mr. R.N.Ravi has not only betrayed the Nagas but defamed the entire Indian Nation.
There are two agreements, means there will be two kinds of solution for Naga Political settlement. This is nothing but Government of India is applying the policy of divide and rule in order to create enmity and misunderstanding among the Nagas. Mr. R. K Mishra was appointed recently in place of R.N Ravi as interlocutor for Naga peace talk but he is also following the dirty policy of R.N Ravi, he is also not right person to solve the problem for Naga political settlement. Nagas should not consider the issue of Naga political settlement as very simple and cheap, our future generations would cry and perish in the sea of sorrow. Government of India should not betray the Nagas this time as infamous “Shillong Accord” signed between Government of India and Nagas in 1975 which had been ended in smoke, fruitless.
Therefore, I on behalf of NPGN/NNC(N/A) appeal to the Government of India to solve the Naga Political settlement at the earliest basing on Framework agreement signed between Government of India and Nagas on 3rd August 2015 which is inclusive of all Nagas and if the solution is to be done other than Framework Agreement, I am sure that bloodshed and killing would be there among the Nagas because some Nagas who are outside Nagaland state would be definitely excluded, no inclusiveness, then who is to be blamed for this? it would be sole Government of India’s fault/risk.

NSCN/GPRN president Gen. (retd) Niki Sumi

In the name of our creator and Jesus Christ, greetings and revolutionary salute to all Nagas on this momentous and auspicious day of Naga Independence.
On this day, as always we remember all our unsung and fallen martyrs who gave their all so that we, the living Nagas and the generations to come can call ourselves as a people and a nation.
We give our deepest respect and honour to all Naga political groups irrespective of factions for the defending the rights of Naga people with courage and vitality.
Thousands of Naga men, women and children have suffered and sacrificed for our aspiration to determine our future and to proclaim our right as a nation. NSCN/GPRN pledges to all orphans and widows on whose tears and blood our nation was built that NSCN/GPRN reaffirm our commitment to never waver from defending our God given political rights as long as Nagas exist.
For a long time Naga people have endured untold suffering and we cannot allow our future generations to be faced with the same. Therefore, today, as we stand at a crucial juncture, we have retrospect our past, learn from it, resonate together and make a collective decision to pursue practical approach towards resolving the Indo-Naga issue.
It is the opportune moment in our history to wake up from our slumber and unite in Christ which is the only way forward to achieve our aspirations; there is no other way.
Without unity there can be no permanent peace and prosperity or whatsoever. No accords/agreements of uniqueness or contemporary realities cannot be achieved in principle without unity. NSCN/GPRN reiterate our stance of inclusivity of peace and political settlement in all our Naga lands.