Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mnp observes National Fish Farmers’ Day


Manipur fisheries minister H Dingo on Sunday stressed the need for application of advanced technology in pisciculture to achieve the target of the state in being self-sufficient in fish produce for its consumption.
The fisheries minister was addressing the 22nd National Fish Farmers’ Day 2022, observed by the state fishery department at its auditorium in Imphal today.
He said that the fishery department has been playing a big role to provide the staple diet sufficiently in the state.
The department should work at least to achieve the target of producing 32,000 MT of fish for consumption in the state, he claimed.
He stressed the need for application of advanced technology in pisciculture and said that co-ordination among the staff members, experts and fish farmers was necessary for high fish production. Acknowledging the grievances of the fish farmers of the state, the minister said that the production process should not be hindered by problems.
He assured that the government will look into the matter and sought the cooperation of concerned officials and the fish farmers in achieving a self-sufficient state to also export the produce which have unique taste and quality.
Addressing the occasion, state CAF and PD minister L Susindro said that the government has been taking up many steps to make the state self-sufficient.
The minister urged fisherman to catch fish for livelihood only and do not indulge in extra fishing. The fish meant for annual consumption has been used in a month due to such overindulgence of some fishermen, he added.
He said that the government has been taking up initiative for different forms of captive breeding of fish through the State Livelihood Mission in the marshy lands around the Loktak area.
In the coming years, the state will be able to produce fish sufficiently for consumption in the state. Cooperation was, however, needed from every sector, especially the fish farmers to bring development in this area, he added.
State veterinary & animal husbandry minister Khasim Vashum said that the hard work of the fish farmers will be able to stop fish import and rely on their own production.
“We should work together to make our state self-reliant,” he said, urging farmers to put effort in producing high quantity fish.
Eligible farmers should be provided assistance regardless of hill or valley as fish is the common staple food for the people of the state, he added.

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