Thursday, October 6, 2022

Modi releases benefits under PM Cares

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday released benefits under the ‘PM Cares for Children’ scheme that supports those who lost their parents/guardians during Covid-19 pandemic.
On the occasion, Modi transferred scholarships to the schoolchildren and handed over a passbook of PM Cares for children, and a health card under Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana.
“I know how difficult the situation is for people who have lost their family members during the Covid-19 pandemic. This programme is for the children who lost their parents during the pandemic. The PM Cares for Children Scheme is an attempt to such children,” Modi said at the video conference.
Modi said if someone needs an education loan for professional courses, for higher education, then the PM-Cares will help in that too. Rs. 4,000 have also been arranged for them every month through other schemes for other daily needs.
According to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the objective of the scheme is to ensure comprehensive care and protection of children in a sustained manner by providing them boarding and lodging, empowering them through education and scholarships, equipping them for self-sufficient existence with financial support of Rs.10 lakh on attaining 23 years of age and ensuring their wellbeing through health insurance.
An online portal by the government was launched to register the children. The portal is a single-window system which facilitates the approval process and all other assistance for children.
“When such children complete their schooling, more money would be needed for future dreams. For this, the youth from 18-23 years of age will get a stipend every month and when they are 23 years old, they will get Rs.10 lakh,” Modi added.
Children are also being given Ayushman Health Card through the PM Cares for Children. From this, free facility of treatment up to Rs.5 lakh will also be available, he said.
“The PM Cares fund helped a lot in preparing hospitals, buying ventilators, and setting up oxygen plants during the pandemic. Because of this many lives could be saved. Those who left us untimely, today this fund is being used for their children, for the future of all of you,” he added. 14 beneficiaries were selected from Nagaland.

Country getting out of ‘vicious cycle’ it was trapped in before 2014: PM Modi

India is getting out of the “vicious cycle” of corruption, scams, nepotism, terrorist organisations spreading across the country and regional discrimination, in which it was trapped in before 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday, asserting that his government’s eight years were dedicated to the welfare of the poor.
The prime minister also expressed happiness that when his government is completing its eight years, the confidence of the country and the self-confidence of its people is unprecedented. The prime minister was speaking at an event during which he released benefits under the PM-CARES for Children Scheme.
Modi said that coming out of the negative impact of Covid, India has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
The world is looking towards the country with new hope and faith, he said.
“The country is getting out of the vicious cycle of corruption, scams worth thousands of crores, nepotism, terrorist organisations spreading across the country, and regional discrimination, in which it was trapped before 2014,” Modi said in an apparent reference to previous Congress dispensations.
“This is also an example for you children that even the most difficult days too pass”, he said.
Referring to welfare policies like Swachh Bharat Mission, Jan Dhan Yojna or Har Ghar Jal Abhiyan, Modi said the government is moving with the spirit of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas.
The last eight years have been devoted to the welfare and service of the poor, he said.
“As a member of the family, we have tried to reduce difficulties and improve the ease of living for the poor of the country,” the prime minister said.
Modi noted that by increasing the use of technology, the government has ensured that the poor get their rights.
Now the poorest of the poor are confident that they will get the benefit of the government’s schemes, he said.
“To increase this trust, our government is now running a campaign of 100 per cent empowerment,” Modi said.
The prime minister said the heights that India has achieved in the last eight years, no one could have imagined earlier.
“Today, India’s pride has increased around the world and our power in the global forums has increased,” he said.
He expressed happiness that youth power is leading this journey of India.
“Just dedicate your life to your dreams, they are bound to be realised”, the prime minister said.
Modi first assumed the office of the prime minister on May 26, 2014, while he was sworn-in for a second term on May 30, 2019.