Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mokokchung badminton championship concludes

The 34th Mokokchung District Badminton Open Championship organized by Mokokchung District Badminton Association (MDBA) concluded at the Indoor Badminton Stadium, here on July 23.
The closing ceremony was graced by District Planning Officer, Imlikokba Longkumer as special guest.
During a brief exhortation, Longkumer lauded the participants for their hardwork, dedication and commitment towards the sport.
He also appreciated the organizers for organizing the tournament stating that sporting event provides platforms to the players to showcase their talents.
Earlier, Temsüinla chaired the closing ceremony, while Prof. Rev. K Dhanbir Rai, Clark Theological College, Aolichen offered the invocation and vote of thanks by Tiakumzuk, Convener organizing committee.

U-19 Boy’ singles: winner-Lenjener, runners-up Moatangit; U-9 Girls’ Singles: winner- Wangshirenla and runners-up Wapangienla; U-11 Boys’ singles: winner- Imkongnochet, runners-up- Imchalong; U-11 Girls’ Singles: winner- Sanenti Lkr, runners-up Moakumla; U-11 Boys’ Doubles: winner- Aowalu/Supongnukshi, runners-up Imchalong/Imkongnochet; U-13 Boys’ Singles: winner-Arkutong, runners-up Molungnen; U-13 Girls’ Singles: winner-Wadanglemla, runners-up Yalemjungla; U-13 Boys’ Doubles: winner-Shisasunep/Thuzi Abraham Anar, runners-up Arkutong/Molungnen; U-15 Boys’ Singles: winner-Wacha, runners-up Sentiyatet; U-15 Girls’ Singles: winner-Temennaro, runners-up Imsüsenla; U-15 Boys’ Doubles: winner- Wacha/Wapongsen, runners-up-Sentiyatet/Opangnenba; U-15 Girls’ Doubles: winner-AotilaChangkiri/MerenlemlaShanon Jamir, runners-up Imsüsenla/Temennaro; U-17 Boys’ Singles: Winner-Kinren, runners-up Pursungit; U-17 Girls’ Singles: Winner-Repatola, runners-up Imlikumla; U-17 Boys’ Doubles: winner- Alichang/Temjenthy, runners-up Kinren/Pursungit; U-17 Girls’ Doubles: winner-Imlijungla/Longrisangla, runners-up Imlikumla/Repatola; Mens’ Singles-winner- Kilangkumba, runner-up Imtitong; Womens’ Singles:winner-Tiatola, runners-up Mepulila; Mixed Doubles: winner-Neehal/Yapangjungla, runners-up Imliakum/Mepulila; 35+ Mens’ Doubles:winner-Tiakumzuk/Er.Philip, runners-up Imnayanger/Imliakum; 40+ Mens’ Doubles: winner-Tiakumzuk/Er. Philip, runners-up Imosanen/Sashiwapang, 45+ Mens’ Doubles: winner-Martemjen/Sungjemmenba, runners-up Imosanen/Sashiwapang; U-19 Boys’ Singles:winner-LimasunepLkr, runners-up Wapangmeren A Jamir; U-19 Girls’ Singles: winner-Arenchila, runners-up Watisangla; U-19 Mixed Doubles: winner-LimasunepLkr/Watisangla, runners-up Wapangmeren A jamir/Sunepbenla; U-19 Boys’ doubles: winner-Alichang/Temjenty, runners-up Limasunep Lkr / Wapangmeren A Jamir; U-19 Girls’ Doubles: winner- Yalimenla/Watisangla, runners-up Sunepbenla/ Arenchila and Mens’ Doubles: winner-Lanuakum/Sentongyanger, runners-up Imliakum/ Imtitong.


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