Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mudslide along NH-29 disrupts traffic


Incessant rains triggered a massive mudslide causing blockade on National Highway-29 at Chainage 155+245 major steel bridge around 22-23 km from the State capital, Kohima.
On Tuesday, hundreds of vehicles plying the highway were stranded for several hours, while police had a difficult time trying to unlock the snarled-up traffic.
When contacted, senior superintendent of police Kohima K Sophie informed Nagaland Post that continuous mudslide on the road affected movement of vehicles while Oasis Technocons Ltd workers were at the spot doing the job of clearing the mud.
He said police were at the site directing traffic amid incessant rains to ensure that vehicles could pass through. Light vehicles were allowed to pass through while heavy vehicles were allowed only after 6 p.m. Sophie expressed ire at the indiscipline of some drivers who had only made matters worse during the traffic snarl. He said these drivers tried to forcefully drive past and ended up causing more problem by preventing vehicles to pass through in a single file.
Due to the heavy traffic during the evening hours on this road, Sophie said heavy machineries would be pressed into service only by midnight otherwise, the entire road would remain blocked for hours.
He said opening of two-way traffic would depend on the weather condition as mud-slide was continuously happening.
Traffic to be restored by today: Meanwhile, another traffic jam took place at another stretch of the NH-29 when an overloaded truck was stuck in the mudslide caused by incessant rains. The particular bottleneck was expected to be cleared by Wednesday morning after the truck is towed away on Tuesday night.
The heavily loaded truck was on its way to Manipur, when it got stuck right crossing the steel girder bridge at Peducha, around 23 km from the State Capital on Monday night. Sechü (Zubza) SDO (Civil) Tiayanger Jamir informed this correspondent that the truck would be towed around midnight Tuesday when traffic flow was less. He said the job of towing and clearing the point would be done midnight and take three to four hours, as the administration did not want to disrupt the heavy movement of vehicles.
The SDO said the point where the truck was stuck happened to be the narrowest stretch of the road.
He also expressed disapproval with the way in which some drivers were trying to overtake other vehicles regardless of the fact that the particular stretch restricted vehicular movement. The SDO said indiscipline and unethical drivers only add to problems and prolong the suffering of the travellers.
He said traffic congestion even on dry seasons would have been avoided only if drivers stuck to their lanes and waited for green signal from traffic personnel on duty.
DC Kohima takes stock of situation: Meanwhile, deputy commissioner Kohima Gregory Thejawhelie earlier visited the spot of traffic congestion alongwith Sechü Zubza SDO (C), area administrative officers and National Highways & Infrastructure Development (NHIDCL) officials to take stock of the situation.
According to DIPR, the team inspected the location where traffic movement was affected due to a truck getting stuck in the mud debris brought down by the incessant rains since the past few days.
The DC instructed NHIDCL officials to clear up the loose soil without delay for smooth flow of the traffic, to which the latter assured of doing in a day or two.
Police are regulating traffic movement and vehicles have been advised to maintain discipline to minimise traffic jam.

Truck that got stuck in the mud near the steel bridge. (DPRO/NP)

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