Saturday, October 8, 2022

Mungmung celebrated at Kiphire town

United Sangtam Likhum Pumji (USLP) on Friday, hosted the Mungmung tribal festival at Kiphire town, at Local Ground, Kiphire with NLA deputy speaker, T. Yangseo Sangtam as special guest.
According to a DIPR report, T. Yangseo Sangtam in his address, encouraged the community to be more realistic, broad minded and to lead in preserve the tradition and rich culture.
He urged upon the community to eradicate all the evils and isms in society and instead, become one, in order to achieve socioeconomic and political developments.
Yangseo acknowledged the presence of all the tribal leaders at the festival and named Kiphire as mini-Nagaland where many tribes lived in harmony.
In his speech, deputy commissioner Kiphire, T. Wati Aier expressed hope that the bond would go stronger between the four tribes in Kiphire district and usher in unity among all the Nagas.
He spoke on the significance of the festival and preservation of the culture through the celebration.
The DC also suggested organising skill development trainings along with different stalls in the next Mungmung festival.
Highlights of the festival included special folk dances by cultural troupes from different villages.
DIPR report informed that the Sangtam tribe has around 12 festivals spread all over the calendar year with feasting, dance and music built around the community life of the people.
Being one of the most important festivals of the Sangtams, Mungmung festival which means “togetherness forever” is observed in the first week of September every year, and it stretches over six days.
The main objective of the festival is to have a good harvest, food grains, for which the villagers toil throughout the year.