Saturday, October 8, 2022

Naga society fragmented: Dr Jamir

Veteran Naga politician and former chief minister and governor Dr. SC Jamir on Friday lamented that the Naga society was fragmented and wasting precious time for things which were impossible to achieve and leaders have abdicated governance.
He said this while addressing the 28th Freshers’ Day of Tetso College– ‘Salvete 2022’, as the chief guest.
Speaking on the theme “A Tryst with the Future of Nagaland”, Dr. Jamir recalled that the leaders of the past had a dream of a united and robust Nagaland, with one accord, one purpose, one mind and one objective. However, Dr. Jamir lamented that the present Naga society was exactly like the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, where the State has been witnessing fragmentation of both underground and over-ground organizations into multiple factions with divergent outlook and agenda.
“No one has divided us. But it is we, ourselves that are divided and today we are reaping the bitter fruit,” he stated.
“We talk too much about the past forgetting about the fact that we must live in the present and mould the future,” he stated.
To reinvent and transform the Nagaland of today, Dr. Jamir mentioned that the mindset of the Nagas would have to be rooted in contemporary realities.
As the world was now a global village due to developments in technology and was very competitive, Dr. Jamir stressed that our outlook and attitude should also have to be global.
He said that a self-centric approach will have to give way to an inclusive approach and short-term perspective will have to be replaced with a long-term perspective.
He further called upon the youth of Nagaland to be the standard torch bearer of all the good that we have lived for and we seek.
Dr. Jamir encouraged the gathering to face challenges with clear vision without fear or ill will.
Earlier, in her welcome address, principal Tetso college Dr. Hewasa L Khing challenged the students to practice the vision and mission of the college to empower themselves towards lifelong excellence and to go on creating a positive impact in the world.
She said that “by joining Tetso College, you are joining a community of 2000 plus students. You are also joining a community of dreamers, thinkers and most importantly doers.”
Dr. Hewasa also informed that four students have been selected to represent Tetso College at the 2022 International Leading Together event in Chennai in September– a joint collaboration with the University of Melbourne and four leading institutes in India.
Sovima Village Council chairman Sebastian Zumvu also addressed the gathering and acknowledged the college for its contribution in all aspects.
Meanwhile, the Annual Governor P.B. Acharya Dr. T Ao Sports Scholarship awarded to Sentitoshi Jamir of BBA VI Semester in the field of Basketball and Dzuziengunuo Linyii of BA 3rd Semester (Political Science) in the field of Badminton.
The informal session witnessed a host of events such as Mr. & Miss Fresher 2022, dance, songs, and other special performances.
The programme was chaired by asst. prof. & IQAC coordinator Dr. Chikhosale Thingo, invocation by executive secretary Council of Rengma Baptist Churches Haiwalo Apon and the vote of thank and benediction by Tetso College student council general secretary B. Temjensunep Longchar and asst. prof. & senior advisor to EU, Tetso college, Akali Sumi respectively.