Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Nagaland: Eastern Naga Students’ Federation demands equitable distribution of projects

Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) has demanded that all proposed/approved projects under various departments of the State be reviewed and allocated with equity in the larger interest of Nagas.
In a statement, Eastern Naga Students’ Federation president Chingmak Chang and assistant general secretary Kaibo Konyak also strongly objected the alleged biased distribution of funds in the recent selection process.
ENSF cautioned that the trend of inclining towards a section of people/areas in the process of development would only jeopardise the very fabric of Naga integration in the near future.
ENSF said that though various State government departments took up many schemes, programmes and development projects for the overall development of Nagaland, there had been a lot of disparity in implementing the same.
The federation acknowledged that developmental activities had been pursued under the present State government in Eastern Nagaland and Nagaland, but the lion share was enjoyed by a few section of society.
ENSF alleged that the eastern areas and people were being deprived at large.
To buttress their allegation, the federation pointed out that out of Rs 279.72 crore, just Rs 11.95 crore was allotted for Eastern Naga areas under Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK), while out of 30 projects in the list of priorities projects under North-Eastern Council (NEC) for 2022-23, only one project at an estimated cost of Rs 3.50 crore was earmarked for Eastern Nagaland.
Similarly, out of Rs 9,09,30,000 for 17 projects as special assistance for Tribal Sub-scheme in 2020-21 (for creation of non-recurring capital asset), only Rs 1.5 crore was allocated for Eastern Nagaland.
ENSF said that such biased gesture was a clear manifestation of lackadaisical and step-motherly treatment towards Eastern Nagaland, adding that such attitude had been maintained since the inception of Nagaland as a State.
The federation alleged that suppression and deprivation that denizens of Eastern Nagaland had faced since time immemorial still continued.


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