Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nagaland: Methaneilie Jütakhrie Solo set to release new song ‘Corruption in Nagaland’

With a view to caution people on the impact of corruption and tribalism, living legend and renowned singer, Methaneilie Jütakhrie Solo has come up with new music video titled “Corruption in Nagaland”.
The renowned Tenyidie and Nagamese singer from Tsütuonuomia Khel of Kohima Village, Methaneilie on Tuesday informed that the new Nagamese song, a music video will be released on July 27 coinciding with his 67th birth anniversary.
Methaneilie, who has been in the world of music for 54 years, said the upcoming song will be a birthday treat for his fans and music lovers.
The chorus of the music video rhymes “Corruption laga missile Nagaland ke phutai dibo; Tribalism laga petrol Nagaland ke julai dibo”, he said. The meaning translated in English would be – The missile of corruption will blast Nagaland, the petrol of tribalism will burn Nagaland.
Methaneilie, who will turn 67 on July 27, informed that the English translation of the song will be scrolling in the music video for those who don’t understand Nagamese but love music.
“This will be my 213th song in general, seventh in Nagamese and the 16th music video, which will be soon released in the social media platforms, including the YouTube Channel – Methaneilie Jütakhrie Solo and Instagram Page – Methaneilie Jütakhrie Solo (methaneilie) at 7 pm onwards,” he said.
He also informed that his band would also carry out live performance of the new song.
The three-minute music video shot at his private studio has Diethosielie Sorhie as the bassist, Kevisier Solo on rhythm, Noune Dzüvichü on the lead, Akikru Suohu on drums while the Recording Engineer is Menguzelie Suohu.

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