Monday, August 15, 2022

Nagaland: Naga Students’ Federation asked to vacate Naga Club building

Naga Club (NC) has requested the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) to vacate the Naga Club building at Kohima on or before August 27, as the Club executive council has unanimously decided to begin the construction by September 1.
In a letter to NSF president, NC said that reconstruction of the building was a long-felt need. Though NSF was an “endeared tenant”, the club stated that the allotment of the rooms by the then general secretary Naga Club Vilavor Liegisie on rent basis was given to NSF in a demi order note specifically mentioned on the body of rental application letter dated April 4, 1983.
It said NSF paid Rs 500 in rent for the month of April 1983 on April 7, 1983, after which the federation never paid Naga Club house rent from May 1983 till date. However, as a student organization, the club said it treated them as children, and therefore never questioned non-payment of house rent.
NC said it consider itself as parents and elders and therefore NSF’s non-payment of house rent has never been made an issue in the past for all these years since May 1983 nor has it been made an issue today, for the same reason. However, with the passage of time, NC said that its property had undergone the severest of depreciation and stood dilapidated without proper amenities, projecting Nagas particularly the Naga Club and all that it represents, in a very poor light, as though it were in a deep slumber.
The club said it was, therefore, imperative and inevitable to demolish the existing building in its entirety and build a totally new building, well equipped with facilities providing all modern amenities for the welfare of all the Nagas. It therefore requested NSF to vacate the building in toto on or before August 27, so as to enable its “humble and noble venture” of building reconstruction.


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