Thursday, August 11, 2022

Nagaland: NNC GDRN (N/A) informs on taxation

NNC GDRN (N/A) has cautioned that some individuals named “Thongti Chang of Tuensang Village”, “Lemba Chang (alias Alem) of Pothambou village” and “Ayen Chang of Sangtak village” were tarnishing the “good image of the government for their vested interest by demanding taxes in and around Tuensang.”
In a press release, the group through its MIP informed DHoD and business community not to entertain the three individuals as they were neither enrolled nor had anything to do with the group.
NNC GDRN (N/A) warned the following individuals “not to cross the line” and that if any untoward incidents arose, “the government” would not be held responsible.
It also informed that the sole authority to collect necessary revenue under Chang region (Tuensang district), lied with Chang region chairman, Bomba Chang of Sipongsang village. To clear doubts, one could contact at 6009831612.

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