Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nagaland: NPF signifies Naga identity, says Dr. Shürho

Naga People’s Front (NPF) president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu, Friday maintained that NPF, which signifies the identity of the Naga people, would always safeguard the regional interest of the Naga people.
Stating that NPF was not a mere political party, but a party with a purpose for the Naga people, he said the party would carry forward the aspiration of the Naga people for the early resolution of the vexed Naga political problem, which was honourable, acceptable and inclusive.

Addressing the induction programme of new office bearers of NPF 8 Western Angami assembly constituency, Dr. Shürhozelie said that NPF cannot be compared with any other political parties as NPF came into being with “its uniqueness and history for the Naga people.”
The former chief minister said that other political parties came into existence to contest election and fight for power. However, he said the birth of NPF had a different story. Dr. Shürhozelie said NPF was given birth in the Naga soil when the “heaviest bloodshed” was going on.
Describing NPF as the only political party that was acting as a guardian body of the Naga people, NPF chief said the party would remain with the same aims and objectives till the Naga political problems were solved.
NPF president also claimed that NPF does not envision for power and money, but to bring peace and justice and raise the voice of the Naga people.
He maintained that many new political parties came to Nagaland for election, but all fade away because they did not have any roots.
He said NPF has come across difficult times and situations, but still stands strong because it was deeply rooted with the Naga society.

At the programme, NPF president encouraged the new team of NPF 8 Western Angami A/C, saying they should work as leader of the Naga people with their best of abilities. He expressed hope that the new team will carry forward the aspiration of the people.
NPF 8 Western Angami unit president, Makole Suosahie, affirmed to work faithfully with the leadership of the party. He claimed that 8 Western Angami A/C being the bastion of the regional party, the unit would give its best to bring back the winning NPF candidate in the coming election.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by NPF Kohima division working president Vira Lhousa, invocation prayer was given by NPF CEC member Suosahie Sachü, introduction of search committee report and pledge was administered by NPF senior vice president and convenor search committee Kohima Division Kruzakie Kelio while vote of thanks was proposed by NPF central general secretary Neiko Lhousa, this was stated in a press note issued by NPF press bureau.


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