Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nagaland Olympic Association rebuts vice president’s charges

The Nagaland Olympic Association is pained by a statement of Mr. K. Kire, which has appeared in the local media with a lot of misinformation. While the matters which has been raised by him should have been taken up within the appropriate forum of the NOA like the Executive Meetings and the AGMs, it is indeed unfortunate that it was given to the media. While the NOA is of the view that the image and reputation of the institutions should not be damaged by paper wars; since the matters raised have been shared in the media and public forums, it is appropriate that clarifications are made for the sake of the public and the stakeholders.
The new team of office bearers of the NOA have been functioning with utmost transparency with utmost efforts to maintain best practices. Our accounts are audited by a registered chartered accountant and all utilisation documents and accounts are submitted to the concerned department of the State Government for further audits. His concern of past accounts related to the Nagaland Olympics of 2017 have all been submitted to the department in the form in utilisation certificates and have been audited by the appropriate agencies. Our accounts are an open book for the authorised agencies to audit and check.
The institution of the Nagaland Police Sports Battalion was a decision of the State Government as committed in the manifesto and the common minimum programme and the NOA has nothing to do with it, but only to welcome and appreciated the wonderful policy initiative.
The earlier logo of the NOA was written in Hindi and therefore it was decided to use English in the logo with the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together”, which is used by all Olympic institutions universally. This matter was discussed and approved – that we will now use the logo which is written in English. No significant change was made.
The office complex of the NOA was made possible due to the State Government’s decision to allocate the complex to the NOA. The decision was taken at the highest level of the State Government which underwent the approval of the State Land Acquisition Authority which comprises of the senior most members of the
State Government and the honourable cabinet members. It was not purchased and no financial transaction was made towards this purpose by the NOA. The sports fraternity is indeed grateful to the State Government for allocation of this complex to the NOA which has become an excellent asset to the sports arena as all sports associations are regularly using the facilities for its activities and events.
The NOA office and secretariat is working round the clock with trained professionals in an efficient manner on all working days. The gentleman concerned has never attended a single day of office even though the complex consists of his office chamber. He has also not attended any meeting including executive meetings and even in the AGM and the Office Inauguration programme he left the complex before the proceedings could be completed. All information on meetings, notices and NOA communiques are informed digitally and hard copies are kept in the office chambers of all the office bearers without fail. If he had been attending office and the meetings, he would have been in full knowledge of the various programmes and meetings but unfortunately his unavailability to give time and efforts towards the functioning and responsibilities of the NOA seems to have created ignorance.
The NOA is pained to carry out this exercise of clarification but it is for the benefit of the stakeholders and we do not intent to make any further clarifications on this matter, in the greater interest of the image and reputation of our institution, and urge the gentleman to come to the NOA office for any information.
(Issued by NOA Media Team)

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