Friday, August 12, 2022

Nagaland Olympic Association rebuts VP’s charges

Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) Monday refuted the charges made by its vice president and former DGP, K. Kire, about the functioning of the association. NOA through its media team stated that it was “pained” by Kire’s statement, which was published in the local media “with a lot of misinformation.”
The association stated that the matters he had raised should have been taken up within the appropriate forum of the NOA like the executive meetings and the AGMs. However, NOA said it was “indeed unfortunate” that statement was given to the media.
NOA sough to clarify that the new team of NOA office bearers has been functioning with “utmost transparency with utmost efforts” to maintain best practices.

The association claimed that its accounts are audited by a registered chartered accountant and all utilisation documents and accounts are submitted to the concerned department of the state government for further audits. NOA said that Kire’s concern of past accounts related to the Nagaland Olympics of 2017 have all been submitted to the department and have been audited by the appropriate agencies.
Responding to Kire’s concern over the decision to establish Nagaland Police Sports Battalion (NPSB) without discussion, NOA said that institution of NPSB was a decision of the state government as committed in the manifesto and the common minimum programme, adding that had nothing to do with the decision.
Further, NOA said that its office complex was made possible due to the State Government’s decision to allocate the complex to NOA.
NOA said the complex was not purchased and no financial transaction was made towards the purpose by the association.

Stating that the office and secretariat of the association was working round the clock with trained professionals in an efficient manner on all working days, NOA said that the “gentleman concerned” has never attended a single day of office even though the complex consisted of his office chamber. NOA also claimed that Kire has not attended any meeting including executive meetings.


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