Monday, August 8, 2022

Nagaland People’s Action Committee representation to Prime Minister

We bring greetings to you from the Naga populace at the grass root level.
Today, the 5th of August, 2022, the Naga general public convened a massive public rally in Dimapur town specifically to demand for Naga political solution without further delay. In the mammoth rally, the common Naga public unanimously resolved to submit this representation to your benign authority for early positive action.
Most hon’ble Sir, the Naga people are in the 25th year of the political negotiations between the GOI and the Naga negotiators which began in 1997. The unending political process has adversely affected the lives of each individual and family in the state of Nagaland. It has taken a huge toll on the entire system of governance.
The unresolved political issue has heralded in unimaginable cycle of corruption at all levels, crippling public health care, education and overall infrastructure developments which are in shambles for obvious reasons to say the least. Unresolved Naga issue has produced countless scoundrels and thieves and in the name of political issue, threats and intimidations have stifled the growth of a perceived Naga society, which you assured, would be a vibrant one.
Prime Minister Sir, as the economic wellbeing of everyday Naga family has completely collapsed in the absence of equitable welfare formula and governance saves on paper, the consequences is frightening to say the least. The ultimate victim being the brilliantly educated unemployed, school dropouts and all whose futures are now ruined. Entrepreneurship and asset creation are critical components in a society like ours. Government projects are siphoned off brazenly through percentage cuts and shares.
Private businesses are grossly extorted by armed groups. Without a political settlement, we foresee thousands of futureless fresh, youthful, highly qualified angry men and women taking up guns to challenge those stifling their growth and progress. Your promise to the Nagas has not been fulfilled as yet. Prime minister Sir, is it not a betrayal to our people, considering that negotiations with Naga groups have officially concluded?
The above facts are just the few instances of how the citizens of Nagaland have been subjected to unbearable consequences due to the inordinate delay in resolving the Naga political issue.
Prime minister Sir, you are aware that the ceasefire and the political negotiations under its peaceful atmosphere are all but a means to an end. Therefore, if the means are to be nurtured as the end, it becomes more of a betrayal to the public of Nagaland. We expect GOI to appreciate the patience of the citizens of Nagaland all these 25 years because the people yearn for genuine peace in the region which can be brought in by political solution alone. Allow us also to bring to your notice that in the year, 2018 when the Civil Societies and all political parties including the BJP unequivocally demanded for solution before election, the BJP breached the trust of the people and had filed their nominations with a slogan “Election for Solution”, against the will and wishes of the people which is still fresh in our memory. Prime Minister Sir, the public rally therefore, urges upon the GOI to implement the concluded political negotiations into solution without any further delay. The rally is a firm signal to the Government of India (GOI) that the people of Nagaland will welcome the political solution and uphold it under any circumstances.
NPAC convenor Theja Therieh
NPAC co-convenors Imsumongba Pongen, Shikuto Zalipu, Kekongchim Yimkhiung
NPAC secretary Khondao Ngullie
NPAC joint secretary Akhu Naga

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