Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Nagaland: Sumi National Workers Welfare of NSCN (I-M) reaffirm to support Framework Agreement

Sumi National Workers Welfare (SNWW) of NSCN (I-M) have reaffirmed their support to the historic Framework Agreement (FA) signed between NSCN and Government of India on August 3, 2015 at New Delhi in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other high dignitaries from both sides.
During the meeting held at Noune Resort on July 14, SNWW secretary Qhetoyi A Swu said that the members present resolved to stand by the collective leadership headed by NSCN chairman Q Tuccu chairman; vice chairman Tongmeth Wangnao and general secretary Th. Muivah for an honorable and acceptable political solution. The house also resolved to stand united till the Indo-Naga political issue was settled.
Further, the meeting also resolved “to stand by the government’s decision on Intangki Reserve Forest as Naga National Wildlife Sanctuary. It further clarified that the misconception that the Tangkhuls would be rehabilitated in the area was completely false.
SNWW prayed that God would grant wisdom to the negotiating parties and the Nagas to see and understand the truth, “for it is only by the truth and by the power of the Holy Spirit the Nagas will be set free.”


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