Tuesday, August 16, 2022

NASU to follow ASU ‘code of conduct’

Adhering to the “code of conduct” passed by the Angami Students Union (ASU), Northern Angami Students Union (NASU) said it would conduct “field checking” within its jurisdiction.
In a press release, NASU vice president, Atouzo Kerhüo and education secretary, Meteituolie Talie said the union would strictly deal with any student found at alcohol joints, cyber cafes or any other places in uniform during class hour.
The union said it shall not tolerate any student found indulging in any immoral activities in uniform, forming gangs and involving in gang fight, taking intoxicant or any abusive substances and that stern action would be taken against the defaulters.
NASU also cautioned students in uniform below 18 years of age not to drive vehicles and has also prohibited usage of government vehicles for dropping and picking up of students from school.
Further, the union has informed students to avail 50% fee concessions on bus fare as it’s resolution with CBOUK stands still.

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