Monday, August 15, 2022

NDPP ‘aghast’ at RPP’s demand for President’s Rule

Reacting to the Rising Peoples Party (RPP)’s demand for imposition of President’s Rule in Nagaland, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) Friday said that the demand “goes against the very fabrics of democracy”, saying it was “aghast” that a political party, registered with ECI, would demand for the dismissal of a popularly elected government.
NDPP through its media and communication committee accused RPP of levelling several unfounded allegations against the democratically elected government in its demand for the imposition of President’s Rule in the State. NDPP said that the allegations were baseless, misleading and cannot warrant invoking Article 365 of the Constitution of India.
Ruling NDPP maintained that the Constitution of India, on which the “very fabrics of democracy of this great nation” were enshrined in, cannot be treated in “such a flippant manner!”
It said that simply raising allegations of corruption and non-disbursement of salaries were “not reasons enough” to invite invoking Article 365. On RPP’s allegation that the present UDA government, an opposition-less government, was an undemocratic one, NDPP said “Nowhere in the Constitution of India does it say that an opposition-less government/house is illegal or not permissible.”
Asserting that members of the 13th NLA were neither self-styled leaders nor have they forced themselves to sit in the house of the people, NDPP said they were democratically elected by their respective constituents to represent them. NDPP therefore said that demand for dissolution of the NLA and imposition of PR was against the very tenets of a democracy.
It said the demand was “in fact an insult” to not only the office Governor of Nagaland but also a complete disregard and disrespect of the Constitution of India and the people of Nagaland who have democratically reposed and elected leaders of the 13th NLA.
NDPP affirmed that the party was committed in its promise of transparency, accountability, meritocracy and good governance. “We shall not waver in our commitments to the people of the State by succumbing to baseless and misleading allegations of our opponents and detractors,” NDPP said and appealed to the people to continue their support to the party and the government.


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