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NDPP more surprised by defection of 21 MLAs


After 21 NPF legislators decamped and joined/merged with the ruling NDPP, leaving NPF party with only four legislators, president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu said the action of the 21 was not a surprise for the party but was more of a surprise for the NDPP.
After the desertion of the 21 former NPF legislators, Dr.Liezietsu said the NPF has now become a “disease-free party” and that henceforth, with numerical accuracy (remaining MLAs), they will be an asset for the party to be able to move forward step by step.
Commending trust won by the loyal legislators, he exuded confidence that the NPF will move ahead and will not criticise nor blame other political parties.
Terming the exodus of 21 MLAs to a football game, he said the “defected NPF MLAs have been doing the round blaming the party organisation and the President”.
Dr.Liezietsu said explanation given by the 21 MLAs for leaving NPF had no justification as they were merely blaming the NPF president as a “face saving device” since history proved that defection mark cannot be erased.
He said defection was always the result of ambition but will not criticise or blame anybody. However Dr Liezietsu, he’d prefer to live in a Naga thatch house built on rock rather than a mansion built on shifting sand.
He lauded the remaining for MLAs for having proved their leadership and congratulated them on their firm stand and commitment to the regional political party.
He also congratulated the five elected NPF legislators from Manipur State of which two have been inducted as ministers.
In this regard, he acknowledged the role of chief minister Manipur Biren Singh and Dr.Himanta Biswa Sarma chief minister of Assam and Chairman of NEDA.
He said NPF in Manipur state passed the storm and now it was time to take necessary steps to revamp the party organisation.
He said that in the current 13th NLA from February 2018 till April 29,2022 the NPF was the single largest party and that “friends(21 MLAS) leaving us” abruptly may be a setback for the moment but that the NPF will bounce back.
Dr.Liezietsu reminded that NPF was in power from 2003 onwards for 15 years but inflicted self defeat during the 2018 general election. Without naming names, he revealed that some party leaders who were expected to work the party candidates, instead patronised candidates from other political parties. He said these leaders went against their own party candidates and resulted in the defeat of several NPF candidates.
Liezietsu also disclosed that some party leaders used party fund in the name of extending financial help but lent money to party candidates through mortgage of properties. He said it was a factor which deprived the NPF of forming the government in 2018. However, Dr.Liezietsu said the party did not blame anybody for that.
Liezietsu further reiterated that NPF was still the second oldest regional political party in India and the only regional political party in Naga ancestral area. He assured that NPF will defend the regional interest of the Nagas , their cultural life, food habit, languages including faith etc.
He also referred to another regional party, now in the making under the name and style ‘Rising People’s Party”. Dr.Liezietsu expressed the hope that the party will prove worthy of its name to the people of Nagaland in due course of time.
While maintaining that it was unwise to talk about the past yet, the mistakes of the past can be a lesson for the future ventures to make references to the past mistakes, he said.
Dr Liezietsu mentioned about NPF alliance with BJP from 2003 till 2018 but that after “an old friend of the Nagas came as Governor” P. B Acharya the style of functioning changed abruptly when the Governor in 2017, dismissed NPF Government in connivance with party rebels. As a result he said the NPF at its meeting on July17, 2017 took a unanimous decision and severed ties with BJP.
He said considering the urgency of creating a congenial atmosphere for the on-going political dialogue between the government of India and Naga National Workers (NSCN-IM) and 7 NNPGs for political solution, the party CEC deemed necessary to review the matter and resolved to maintain the earlier status of having alliance with BJP. Thus , in a matter of few weeks’ time the then BJP National General Secretary in-charge of Nagaland Ram Madav and Union Minister Kiren Rijiju came and talked about seat sharing formula with our party and asked for 15 seats.
He said things did not work out as assumed between NPF and BJP since it was not possible to make such an important policy decision. Within several hours, he said BJP announced their alliance with NDPP and the matter ended there adding BJP itself walked away from NPF.
This time he said after the defection of 21 MLAs, their party followers in some of the divisions also declared their defection with their leaders. He said defection does not cover only MLAs but that defection of leaders was the same.
Dr Liezietsu said those who want to go away with their masters cannot be stopped.
He also said governments come and go but Party continues with its journey as long as its principles are found relevant to the given situation.
RESOLUTION 12-05/2022
The Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) at its Emergency meeting of the Central Executive Council(CEC) on 12th May 2022 at 11 am at its Central office Hqs, Kohima. The house after threadbare discussion adopted the following resolutions;-
Lauded the 4 party MLAs for displaying matured political leadership acumen in safeguarding the image and aspiration of the Naga people when other chose to betray the trust of the party and the electorates.
Reaffirms the party’s earlier stand on the Naga Political Issue and urges the GoI and bring to an honourable, acceptable and inclusive solution at the earliest.
Appreciates the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Nagaland Mr. Neiphiu Rio, for the inclusion of all the four NPF Legislators in the Core-Committee on the Naga Political issue and appointing the leader of NPF Legislature Party, Mr. Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu as Co-Chairman of the UDA. However, the house felt that the Party Leader deserves a better position in UDA as agreed earlier to be an equal partner in the decision making.
Resolved to uphold the party under the leadership of party President Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu and Mr. Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu as the leader of NPFLP. Further the house endorsed the party President to undertake restructuring and strengthening measures in the party working system at all levels.
Felt the necessity of Amendment of existing party Constitution and recommended the party President to appoint Constitutional Amendment committee members.
Endorse the party President and Leader of the NPFLP to work out feasibility with any people-friendly political party(s) to forge alliance in the state for the coming elections.
Mr. V. Phushika Aomi (Gen Secretary) – Convener. ………………………..
Mr. Pusazo Luruo (Sr. Vice-President ) – Member. ………………………….
Mr. Kruzakie Kelio (Sr. Vice-President) – Member. ………………………….
Mr. Moasangba Jamir (President, Mkg Division) – Member. …………………………..

21 NPF MLAs moved for their self-survival: Azo

Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu


KOHIMA, MAY 12 (NPN): NPF legislature party leader Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu described the recent desertion of 21 NPF MLAs as motivated for their self-survival as they were unable to withstand the challenges faced by NPF party.
Making his maiden speech as NPF legislature party chief at the CEC meeting, held at its central office Kohima Thursday, Azo said “dogs will bark, passengers will leave but NPF’s Caravan will move on”.
He stressed on certain steps in order to overcome a catastrophe- be it prayer, attitude, approach or behaviour- adding that time has come for the NPF to change the motto to – “Work more, talk less”.
Azo said though what happened was a sad affair, yet the bitter past should not be allowed to destroy a perfect future ahead for the party.
He said the only way now for the NPF was to face the challenges, overcome them and prove the 21 deserters wrong.
Azo said the welfare of the party should be primary not personal welfare and urged the party workers to have a broad outlook, work together so that the welfare of the party will be the final law. He also said leaders should address the problems and if that was not done, then the problems become the leaders.
Desertion of 21 MLAs has no bearing in Manipur: Awangbou
Manipur unit’s NPF president Awangbou Newmai in his address, thanked Dr. Shürhozelie for giving full support during the recently concluded Manipur State general election.
He said inspite of being limited in number, the elected members proved in action in the past tenure and this was why they were able to return back to power.
Newmai said the recent happening in Nagaland, was big surprise but added he was not discouraged by the development. Newmai said the merger of 21 MLAs must be God’s plan in paving the way for the NPF rising star to lead the future. He said 2023 election will see a wave of change.
He said the NPF legislators in Manipur adhere the directives of the NPF and address grievances and therefore the departure of the 21 MLAs had no effect in Manipur.
Newmai said people in Manipur know well and are mature enough that an MLA supporting Naga political issue and integration will take the people forward.
The minister assured that the five MLAs will extend full support in all ways, will not go astray but stand by NPF.
The programme was chaired by secretary general Achumbemo Kikon.
Minister Khasim Vashum, the three NPF MLAs, senior NPF workers and others attended the meeting.


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