Sunday, August 14, 2022

New Market thrash Barak FC 4-0 to lift 4th Kohima Super Cup


New Market FC lifted the 4th Kohima Super Cup by defeating Barak FC 4-0 in the final and walked away with a cash prize of Rs 1.80 lakhs and the bragging rights, here at IG Stadium on Tuesday.
With this win, New Market has maintained its winning streak of no losses in this edition and also has won two out of the four tournaments organised by Kohima Town Club, the previous one being in 2018 right before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The final match was played in front of a well filled stadium as fans of both the teams flocked in to cheer up and also extend their support to their players.
New Market’s Haotingmang Thomsong, who also was the Player of The Tournament, was the first to net the ball in the 4th minute which quickly increased the pace of the game as Barak sensed the need to score to keep its dream alive.
However, Letkhokai Kuki scored the second goal for New Market in 23rd minute setting the bar higher for Barak to catch up in the first half.
Barak’s star player and national team prospect, Baoringdao Boro, grinded hard to ensure that his team was not left too far behind. However, all his efforts were met with stiff resistance as New Market’s defenders gave little room for him to breathe.
The first half came to a disappointing end for Barak who had no idea that they were in for more surprises even in the later part of the game.
Anxious to resume the remaining half, Barak wasted no time to rush back into the game in the second half, however it remained largely under the control of New Market.
One of the highest scorers of the edition, Nyithong Magh, scored the third goals for New Market FC in the 60th minute as Barak saw the dream of lifting the cup go farther with every passing second.
And within 6 minutes of the third goal, New Market’s Thejasetuo sealed the deal with the fourth goal.
Barak’s efforts to even score a face saver was mercilessly deflected by New Market’s defence and the keeper.
On the other hand, two impressive shots from New Market’s captain and one from the top scorer of the team got deflected from the goal posts saving Barak from further embarrassment.
The final whistle by the referee, Michael Dul, was met with a thunderous response as fans of both the teams embraced themselves for the inevitable.
Earlier, during the closing ceremony, special guest, chairman, NBOCWWB, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, urged the players to earn the trust of the people by leading exemplary lives and not indulge in activities harmful to their health.
He exhorted the players that they should understand the need to pay attention and ensure that they were able to earn a livelihood by playing the game.
Yhome opined that Nagaland should strive to become a centre point of talents in the country attracting players not just from within the country but even from other parts of the world.
Individual winners:
Best Defender – Sumit Marak (A Yhome FC)
Best Midfielder – Asito Krose (G Sports FC)
Golden Glove – Dziesengulie Kire (Barak FC)
Golden Boot – Toka Achumi (Aphuyemi FC), Nyithong Magh (New Market FC)
Most Promising Player – Vinato Achumi (Aphuyemi FC)
Best Coach – Stephen Rutsa (New Market)
Best Referee – Michael Dul (Cat- 5 RIN holder)
Best Fans – New Market FC
Player of the Tournament – Haotingmang Victor Thomsong (New Market FC).
KTC XI to play against ISL players from Manipur
Meanwhile KTC has announced the names making up the KTC XI from Kohima Super Cup 2022 to take part in the upcoming exhibition match against ISL players from Manipur on June 4. The match will be powered by the Kohima Forest Division.
In view of the World Environment Day which falls on June 5, the Kohima Forest Division will be distributing tree saplings to any spectator donning green outfit(s) during the match.
The line-up for team KTC-XI include:

  1. Neithovilie (GK)-New Market FC
  2. Dziesengulie Kire (GK)-Barak FC.
  3. Temjenwati (Def)- G-Sports FC
  4. Sanyem (Def) – New Market FC
  5. Benrithung (Def) – New Market FC.
  6. Mhasikhoto (Def) – A-Yhome FC.
  7. Bapen (Def) – Aphuyemi FC
  8. Asito Krose (Mid F) – G-Sports FC.
  9. Haotingmang Thomsong (Mid F) – New Market FC.
  10. Awang (Mid F) – Barak FC.
  11. Hekato Aye (Def) – Aphuyemi FC.
  12. Lironthung (Def) – Aphuyemi.
  13. Nyithong (Mid F) – New Market FC.
  14. Sinlo Kent (Mid F) – New Market FC.
  15. Ringham (Mid F) – A-Yhome FC.
  16. Kekhrieletuo Tsira (Mid F)- G-Sports FC.
  17. Rhitso Mero (F) – New Market FC.
  18. Yhunshalo Kemp (F) – G-Sports FC.
  19. Dupisa (F) – Magdaline FC.
  20. Senenlo (Def) – A-Yhome FC.

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