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NNC Ao Region remembers and pays respect to Thepushu Venuh

The unilateral abrogation of the 1964 Indo-Naga Ceasefire by Government of India in 1972 once again plunged Nagas to darkness and error. The might of the Indian Armed Forces went all out to destroy Naga nationalism. The national character of the Nagas was tested and pushed to the limit. Indeed, they were trying times. But some of the finest examples of the people’s love for their nation was witnessed during such times. Such are the price of freedom and our political struggle for self-determination. Today we salute and pay our deepest respect to all our Naga patriots who laid down their lives defending the nation.
The Naga political struggle launched under the political institution of NNC however had to defend itself from the betrayal and treachery of its own ranks and files, who from the mid-1970s with socialist political ideology infiltrated the camp in the deep jungles of the East in Myanmar. Many precious Naga nationalist who refused to accept the socialist ideology were tortured, killed and assassinated. Our hearts cannot forget and continue to mourn for the innocent bloods that were brutally shed in the hands of our brethren. Our hearts aches that the remains of many of our patriots still remains unmarked in the East and were never given an honorable burial in their ancestral villages, they so deserve.
But when we learned the news of the homecoming of the remains of our late leader Thepushu Venuh, Vice president , NNC to his ancestral village Thipüxumi – who had been buried for 43 years, in the Naga Hemi Region in Myanmar, there were not only tears in our eyes but also pride in our hearts. Tears in remembering the life of one of the most promising NNC leaders killed by assassins on 27th November 1979. Yes, we lament for the life that could not become. To what heights NNC could have consolidated the aspirations for all Nagas under his dynamic leadership, political acumen and integrity is now only a dream of the past. But our hearts are filled with pride because until his last breath he remained steadfastly true and dedicated to the NNC vision and position. He stood on the side of the fundamental truth of the Naga political case.
Sorrow has a way of bringing memories alive. It is also a way of bringing people together in shared pain, loss and also hope. This homecoming of our fallen leader and patriot from the jungles of Myanmar takes us back in time to our own journey when we went to collect the remains of our patriots from the Ao region. K.Mayanger, Information and Publicity, Kilonser, FGN-a close associate and friend of Thepushu Venuh who met the same fate in the same jungle, in the same year as Venuh. Just like his friend, K. Mayanger was also executed because he did not accept the socialist ideology. We brought K. Mayanger to his birth place, Mokokchung on 11th May 2009.K. Mayanger was Imkongmeren-the first NNC Vice-president’s nephew. The entire Imkongmeren’s family members-by blood and by marriage-serving the Naga cause in the Eastern Naga Homeland were killed in the jungle during this ideological battle. At different points of time, we have tried to bring home the remains of some of our slain patriots. Someday, we hope we can find it in our heart and soul, the spirit to reconcile with the past for the sake of our future. Today we believe that to reconcile may yet be one of the toughest tasks and challenges expected of each Naga patriot and true nationalist.
But today, we can only celebrate the life of Thepushu Venuh who lived with valour, integrity and courage. He truly deserves the highest Naga honour. He was truly one of Chakhesang’s truest sons of the soil. His dedication and sacrifice is a reflection of Chakhesang’s character. We are just so proud that NNC was served by honourable and towering personalities such as Venuh. Today we also want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Chakhesangs for your immeasurable contribution to the Naga national cause. Chakhesang- you have always been at the forefront of our national struggle-unrelenting, untiring and defending the truth of our cause. We are inspired by your dedication, sacrifices, and courage. This character is reflected in the manner you have accorded honour and homage to Thepushu Venuh, one of our finest NNC leaders Under the banner of Chakhesang Public Organization. It is our hope that more Nagas will rally for the truth of the Naga political struggle in the way you have organized and presented to the world. Ao Region, NNC stands firm on the undeniable truth of our Naga political history.
May God bless Nagaland. Urra Uvie.
Issued by
Ao Region NNC
Publicity Department.

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