Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NNC/GDRN (N-A) warns of ‘imposters’

NNC/GDRN (N-A) has informed that some “imposters” (HK Sema, Tonito Secy) were going around Dimapur collecting taxes in the name of the group for “vested interest and personal gains”. The group through its MIP has informed that those persons were bogus, adding they were neither enrolled nor had anything to do with the “government”.
In this regard, NNC/GDRN (N/A) has warned the impersonator(s) to desist from “damaging the image of the organisation”. The group also warned that it would not be held responsible if any untoward incident occurred.
Further, NNC/GDRN(N-A) has asked all business communities and organisations in Dimapur to be aware of such fraudsters and not to entertain such person(s) without verifying their authenticity.