Thursday, October 6, 2022

NNC president Gen (Rtd) Thinoselie M Keyho

Today, the 14th August 2022 commemorates 75 yrs of the Naga Nationhood. In honor and with reverence for this most auspicious day, I on behalf of the Naga National Council (NNC) and also on my own behalf convey joyous greetings to the citizens of our Naga Nation. My primal acknowledgement ascends to our eternal God, to whom is ascribed all gratitude and glory for His never-failing protection, mercy and guidance. I pay befitting homage to the stalwarts of the Naga National Workers (NNW), who not only birthed the Naga National Consciousness but most diligently nurtured her by sacrificing all that they have, even to the laying down their very lives. Their sacrifices shall never be forgotten. I salute the surviving veterans who truly deserve our eternal thanks for their undying spirit of patriotism and their love for the Naga homeland.
I solemnly bestow my blessings on the present leaders carrying the baton of national responsibilities and future generation leaders to come who would be entrusted the responsibility. By your hands and through your noble deeds would God fulfill His grand plan of Naga Nationhood, praise His Mighty name. On this auspicious day, I urge every Naga to never ever forget this momentous day, neither to one’s honor nor to one’s shame and disgrace because this God-given day is the most precious and powerful day for the Naga people collectively without borders. Had we not declared our Independence one day ahead of India, it would be branded as ‘secession’ or anti-India rebellion. God’s omniscience provided timely foresight to our leaders, leading them to precede India in the monumental declaration; sealing our secure future once and for all times to come. Our eternal rights have been forever immortalized. We have our secure future now with complete confidence. Yes, in politics the Naga Nation is older than India by one full DAY. This historic day calls for a few more mention, if you will. Our national leaders of yore then proceeded to fortify the Independent Naga national status by conducting the Plebiscite on May 16, 1951; where 99.9% of Naga people imprinted their thumbs in favor of Sovereignty and mandated the Naga National Council (NNC) on oath declaring loud and clear that we are independent indeed. Whosoever are true to their oath, all the excellences shall be theirs and if not, all the destructions and perishes shall be theirs. These actions most explicitly demonstrated our true aspirations for the whole world to see.
However, Govt. of India (GoI) in her malicious designs chose to claim Naga people and Nagaland to be Indians and its territory in 1952 forced her 1st Indian General Election in Nagaland. But the Naga people, true to their declared stand, did not cast even one single vote and rejected the election. that Naga people were never Indians nor would we ever be, and that they had absolutely nothing to do with the Indian election. By this act, India was shown the serious verity of our actions undertaken on Aug. 14, 1947 and May 16, 1951. If GoI possesses any tinge of human virtue, she must surely be ashamed! Although the Naga people had declared Independence, she delayed much in forming her Govt. What could have been the reasons? For a sobering fact, the Naga people knew themselves and their stature wisely. Though her eternal rights are factually unimpeachable or unchallengeable, she was well aware that militarily she could never match India. So, she did not set up her Govt. immediately. Had she did so, GoI would in all probability crush her on the pretext of Naga people as a nation challenging her. Instead, the NNC dealt with her through peaceful and non-violent ways and means. But the GoI on perceiving our size became arrogantly impatient with mere arguments and without the slightest reasoning, decided to intimidate us into submission and began to send in her Armed Forces incessantly into our land to unleash atrocious terror upon our ordinary defenseless civilians mercilessly since 1955. This event placed the Naga leadership precariously on the proverbial horns of the dilemma, ‘either to surrender for the sake of their women and children or to valiantly resist in self-defense’. After intense contemplation the Naga people most wisely took the right choice of not to surrender, come whatever may. On 22nd March,1956 her Govt, namely FGN was set up and the real war of liberation in self-defense from Indian oppression ensued. The stand of NNC/Federal Republic Govt. of Nagaland (FGN) remains ever the same and shall remain so, today and tomorrow. Were it not for the Naga National Movement, the Nagas would be suppressed to exist as a people much more primitive than the lowest Indian caste.
The GoI wrongly miscalculated that she could easily intimidate the Naga people to surrender. But to her horror and our wonder, Naga people could prevail over severe and prolonged warfare. Realizing that violent fire-power was not making any much headway, GoI decided to enter into the Cease-Fire in 1964 with the FGN, to be followed by the historical Peace Talks at the level of Prime Minister under External affairs, both of which clearly indicates that the Nagas and its land were acknowledged as a distinct people in a distinct and sovereign nation. These are the historical facts and evidences that also testify our Nationhood. Had the GoI been sincere in her quest then, the case could have been settled, because at this juncture, the Nagas had a mandated National Govt with creditable leadership commanding total Naga unity. Yes, the issue could have been most amicably resolved. But the malicious trait of the GoI surfaced once again and she most blatantly abrogated the Cease-Fire unilaterally in 1972; and unleashed atrocious reign of terror and barbarism that violated all sense of human rights and civility. During such “hard times”, a group of Naga National Workers (NNW) ventured out in the name of “Underground Organisations” in 1975 and entered an agreement with the GoI, known as “Shillong Accord” of much infamy. This act under duress caused a major split in the unity of the Naga National Workers functioning as NNC/FGN. Some took sides with the Shillong Accord, known as ProShillong Accord NNC/FGN. The others opposed the same known as Anti- Shillong Accord NNC/FGN. Then condemnations were traded between the Pro and Anti- Accord groups and later on resulted in a coup and counter coup. Initially it had been the Pro-Accord group who seized power from the AntiAccord group in a coup; but it was a bloodless one. After sometimes, the Anti-Accord group seized power in a bloody counter-coup. Both the Pro and Anti-Accord groups, though differing in ideology, were effectively functioning as NNC/FGN till 1980.
But in 1980, a certain faction of the AntiShillong Accord group formed the opposing entity of National Socialist Council of Nagaland/Govt of the People’s Republic of Nagaland (NSCN/GPRN). Renouncing the Shillong Accord was fine but why would they choose to desert the right and correct stand, which is the only mandated Political Institution of Nagaland? Most tragically it became another case of trading our rights for others’ faults. In their condemnation of NNC/FGN, they are condemning themselves as well.
The NNC/FGN’s name and reputation had been hijacked for all the wrong reasons and purpose and had created confusions. Leaving others matters aside, my political ideology is against the principle of the Shillong Accord which has accepted the Indian Constitution and surrendered arms and ammunition. The Proaccordist left those of us in NNC/FGN even though we stood staunchly for them to renounce the Accoerd and return to the fold. The NNC/FGN lives on most tenaciously and will never give up on the Naga aspiration of being fre from Indian oppression in its sovereign land. Only after 33 years of the 1964 Indo-Naga Cease-Fire, the GoI and the NSCN (IM) faction in 1997 entered into an exclusive ceasefire and carried on a protracted peace process and in 2015 brought out a secret “Framework Agreement” treaty. But even before the implementation clauses of the same could be drawn up, GoI entered into yet another ceasefire with the 7 NNPGs and brought about the “Agreed Position”, compounding the whole matter even more. All these are evidences of GoI’s mischievous acts to trick the Nagas to surrender from the aspiration of expelling the Indian occupation and dominion of our land. Kindly hear me out as I spell out the actual Naga position. The 1964 Cease-Fire had been “IndoNaga” in every sense of the term. But the latter ceasefires GoI entered into with the NSCN (IM) and the 7 NNPGs cannot be termed as Indo-Naga in any sense. In the same way, “Framework Agreement” or “Agreed Position” can never be said to have the people’s mandate. So, they cannot be forced upon the people at any given cost. The latest slogan of “Solution before Election” has been doing the rounds aplenty. But these are two completely different entities and should never be mixed together. How can it be brought about together? As of now, there appears to be no mandated National Govt, no National leader with the right combination, except for the mandated NNC/FGN of yore. People’s unity and mandate apparently is nowhere in their peace negotiations. The existing entities are, sorry to say, but factional Govts run by factional leaders at best. So, to discuss national affairs and arriving at a Final Solution are impracticable. My honest opinion is that even the GoI would not be so thoughtless nor malicious enough to enter into any Agreement with them. Perchance, even if GoI chooses to try out such an endeavour, mark my word, it can never ever be the “final” solution of the Naga political cause. The GoI had been playing cruel games on the Nagas by fragmenting us up, pitting one group against the other and like vultures, awaiting the demise of the National leaders of substance. Let us, dear people, get wise early to her nefarious game plan and refuse to be used as pawns. The Naga National Movement (NNM) is pathetically fractured today. The people are ailing. Nothing substantive is expected to emerge from such turbulent ambience. I most strongly believe that mutual trust and unity need to be ushered in as the top priority to heal the Naga Nation A certain section of the people seemed to be busily working on equations between the sizes of the tiny Nagaland and the mammoth India, creating much negativism, totally forgetting that Naga people have the absolute rights in the conflict. This is very unfortunate. Should and would the righteous be silenced by fear of the monstrous bully? That would be total anathema. Nagas shall surely triumph, but this will not be because of the Naga might, but solely because of God’s loving mercies alone and our sovereign rights to be a sovereign nation. Be informed that the NNM is God-ordained and that the Nagas are a chosen people endowed with bounteous blessings. There absolutely is nothing God cannot accomplish.
He can and does turn the world virtually upside down, plenty of which are evident on public display. Therefore, let us be strong and have good courage. Anticipate the righteous Hand of God most eagerly and earnestly. The NNC or better still, the Naga People’s stand is most steadfastly rooted on Aug. 14, 1947 Declaration and May 16, 1951 Plebiscite, nothing less and nothing more. May God bless you all.
Kuknalim: Urra Uvie