Wednesday, July 6, 2022

No individuals involved should be spared: NCSU on fuel adulteration

Reacting to the fuel adulteration racket exposed by the Rising People’s Party (RPP) at Gorapatti ward No 2 area on April 22, Nagaland Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Union (NCSU) said “no individuals involved in this case should be spared”.
In a press release, NCSU media cell expressed anguish over the “huge amount of hard-earned cash” by Nagas spent on purchase of automobiles and expenditures on procurement of fuel to run them. While pointing out it summed up to “thousands and thousands in crores of rupees”, NCSU said this added salt to injury, the life span of automobiles of Nagaland state which would be shortened on consumption of adulterated fuel.
The union also added that at times, Nagas tend to get emotional and biased when issues run into tribal or family lines but this it said, was a “grave matter of concern” where every right-thinking individual, Hohos, civil organisations, youth or student bodies should come out to condemn “this heinous crime committed by some parties.”
Further, NCSU requested the state government, especially the administration to leave no stone unturned lest it should ever happen in future again.

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