Wednesday, October 5, 2022

No problem in tendering apology if they are denying, says Therie

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K Therie said he did not have evidence to prove that each of the 21 NPF MLAs had received Rs 2.50 crore as bribe for joining NDPP, as money would have been given by hand without receipt as drawn through blank cheques with signatures obtained from VDB secretaries.
Therie, however, said he did not have any problem in tendering an apology if the MLAs were denying in the heart of heart and before God. “I am tendering apology to decent and clean MLAs,” he added. “We are all Christians. God is our witness. As honest MLAs, I hope they admit to blank cheque system.” he added. He said that as per his information, barring three MLAs who were included in the government, the rest 19 MLAs were paid.
According to Therie, nobody admitted taking bribes, so denial was obvious. He remarked wryly that the MLAs meant that they were all surviving out of their humble salary, allowances and personal incomes and were prepared to fight elections with several crores.