Thursday, October 6, 2022

No question of rejoining NPF, says Imchen


Imkong L. Imchen MLA, among the 21 NPF legislators led by T.R. Zeliang, who recently merged with the NDPP, has denied the report that some of them (21 MLAs) were planning to re-join NPF again. Imchen, issued a rejoinder as– ‘former spokesperson of NPF Legislative Party (NPFLP)’- while reacting to a report which he termed as a rumour. Imchen said he also suspected that the report was the “handiwork of some individuals who never ceased to amaze with their wild and fairy tale imaginations”. He also declared that the chapter of merger in Nagaland was closed when 21 NPF MLAs merged with NDPP. It may be noted that the report in this newspaper had sourced the information to a senior NPF office bearer who had admitted that there were efforts in that direction as reported.
Another senior NPF legislator admitted to this Correspondent Tuesday, that some former party MLAs were “not comfortable being in the new party” and were exploring options of returning to NPF. The MLAs were reportedly even ensuring that their bridges were not cut after leaving NPF. One of the MLAs said they were not going to make any negative comments against their former party since they were unsure of their future in the new party.
Another NPF legislator also mentioned some names among 21 who left and joined NDPP.
In his rejoinder, Imchen concluded that the merger of 21 NPF with NDPP came after much deliberations on whether NDPP should merge with NPF or NPF with NDPP. Therefore, he said NDPP planning to merge with NPF again at this point of time was nothing more than a wild goose chase.
He said the merger of 21 NPF (out of 25) with NDPP on April 29, 2022, took place with foreknowledge of legal and political consequences after which the strength of NDPP has shot up to 42 and the opposition-less UDA government– BJP 12, NPF 4 and Independent 2.
Imchen claimed that the erstwhile NPF legislators in the true spirit of Naga regionalism were seriously pondering how the State’s regional forces could be brought together to facilitate the ongoing Naga peace process. He claimed that after the April 29 merger, there was no further discussion of plans for merger of NDPP with NPF as reported.
Alleging that certain individuals with vested interests were at play to bring about discord and confusion among the 42 NDPP MLAs, Imchen declared that this would not yield their desired result as the question of merging with erstwhile NPF did not arise.