Thursday, August 18, 2022

NOA vice president responds

The war of words has intensified between Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) and its vice-president K Kire.
After NOA claimed to be functioning with “utmost transparency” in response to his charges of financial and other irregularities, Kire in a rejoinder once again questioned the sports body on a number of issues.
He asked how many annual general meetings (AGMs) or extraordinary meetings of general assembly, executive council or any committee had been held from 2018 to date. This was in reply to NOA’s claim to have taken decisions and issued instructions through Executive Council. He said he would like to see the minutes of such meetings and signatories of those who were present at such meetings, what agenda/issues were discussed and what decisions arrived at.
He also demanded to know when and where did the executive council convene such meeting to appoint a “registered chartered accountant”. He further claimed that during his tenure as treasurer (till December 2020) not a single audit was carried out for reasons best known to the association.


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