Thursday, August 11, 2022

Northeast Frontier Railway land issue: Landowners Union Rangapahar Crossing cites Art 371 (A)

Landowners Union Rangapahar Crossing (LURC) has drawn the attention of the elected members, ‘concerned organization(s), state government and public to the news items: “MLAs slam Rly land encroachment” published on July 16 and “DNSU flays NFR, state govt on land grab” on July 20 (both in Nagaland Post).
In a rejoinder, LURC president Hetokhu Awomi said while the matter over land encroachment was under litigation, the documents furnished by Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR), claiming ownership of 134.503 acres (almost half of Dimapur City) could “neither be validated nor substantiated.
(It may be mentioned that the NFR had alleged that total encroached railway land over which pattas have been issued totaled 30.283 hectares or 74.8 acres out of 53.806 Hectares or 132.92 acres).
Awomi asked if Nagas could “afford to give up such a vast area of land by disowning their rightful ownership?”
Further, Awomi said land owners were not averse to any fresh development by railway department but such development “should not be carried out at the cost of the people (destruction of developed land and properties.)
Awomi asserted that it was the bounden duty of all responsible citizens and social organization “to protect the right of the Nagas” and for which NFR also should “take cognizance of land holding system of Nagaland” existing since inception of a state under the Indian union. He maintained that in order to protect the rights and interests of both NFR and landowners, adequate land compensation should be paid to all rightful land owners in order to clear the deck “for smooth functioning of NFR in the state of Nagaland”.


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