Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NPAC rally: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee extends solidarity to demand for solution

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has extended solidarity and support to the August 5 public rally in demand for settlement, noting that people had defied money and power.
In a press release, NPCC president K Therie assured, “Each step you have travelled and every minute you have stood in the heat to express solidarity to the demand for settlement of the agreements will not be buried alive.”
He said it might take some time with the UDA government, but he reminded the people that even UDA was in their hands., adding “Together we shall remove UDA and find the end result.”
Therie alleged that the State government and its allied forces had done all they could do as usual to dislodge the public rally. Abandoning the Parliamentary Committee resolution of the July 16, 2022 endorsing the agreements and the October 31, 2019 conclusion of talks, he accused the ruling coalition of announcing the treacherous seat-sharing deal.
Therie insisted that people of Nagaland deserved peace, one government and one tax, justice and equality, a true welfare government, opportunities and employment, but lamented that the State government had failed on all fronts, particularly in enforcing law of the land.
He further alleged that 25 years of negotiations without settlement was deliberate, adding that this was not that they lacked wisdom or had no option. He said 20 years of facilitation and support was a deliberate plan, with their main intentions being to rob the State exchequer and extort the public.
If they did not want to accept the conditions of Government of India (GoI) and were determined to fight for flag and constitution, he dared them abrogate the ceasefire. “Settle the score in a friendly match,” he suggested.
The NPCC president mentioned that ceasefire was a solution for GoI and hence it did not need any settlement. He urged the people to know their enemy and remove UDA, whom he identified as the roadblock to peace.