Saturday, October 8, 2022

NPCC demands dismissal of Dr. Chuba as NSCM&CF chairman

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has demanded the dismissal of BJP national vice president Dr. M Chuba Ao as chairman of Nagaland State Co-operative Marketing and Consumer Federation (NSCM&CF) Ltd. for abuse of power and misuse of his position instituted in the name of Nagaland by the State government.
In a press note, NPCC communications department, citing news reports, claimed that the police had seized illegal consignment of 23 metric tonnes of areca nut belonging to NSCM&CF Ltd. in February 2022 and a case registered with the police in Guwahati.
NPCC alleged that Dr. M. Chuba Ao, in his official writing pad as chairman NSCM&CF Ltd issued strict order prohibiting verification and checking along the route to Delhi from Dimapur. NPCC further pointed out that the letter had stated that “any violation will be imprisoned for 6 months or a fine of Rs. 10,00,000/-” and a copy of the letter sent to Ministry of Railway and GM Northeast Railway, Malegaon, Guwahati. NPCC questioned on what authority did Dr. Chuba issue such order?
It said the GST invoice mentioned that the Areca nuts were local products and were being transported to Delhi. NPCC claimed that evidence of the misuse was in police custody.
Pointing out that the government is a people’s government, and as a conscious political party, NPCC said it cannot afford to remain silent on such abuse of power and misuse of authority.
The party said that “if Dr. M. Chuba Ao had any moral, he should have resigned on his own.”
Asserting that people of Nagaland were not all smugglers and in order to save the image of the Naga people, NPCC demanded that the government relieve Dr. M. Chuba Ao from chairmanship NSCM&CF Ltd. and enable police to proceed with the case against his misconduct.
While questioning the silence of the State government, NPCC said: “We understand there is fear in the nerves of UDA. We also understand BJP hides and protects criminals evident in their conscious release of rapists and even celebration of the event.” However, it said that if it were any other person particularly a Congressman, surely the ED or CBI would already be knocking.