Friday, July 1, 2022

NPF Dimapur -II A/C alleges misuse of party office

Staff Reporter

Alleging misused of NPF office nomenclature by sitting NDPP MLA, Maotoshi Longkumer at the meeting on May 21, the NPF Dimapur-II A/C unit has demanded clarification from the MLA.
Addressing media person at NPF party office, Dimapur on Sunday, NPF Dimapur-II A/C, president, Bendang Aier said using NPF office nomenclature after merging to NDPP was “illegal”.
He claimed that the party had sent a letter to the MLA not to use the NPF office nomenclature at the NDPP meeting, however their request was rejected.
NPF Dimapur division, president T Lotha said that they were not concern about Moatoshi Longkumer for merging to NDPP party but questioned the misused of NPF office nomenclature.
Central NPF party, vice president P Awomi said that NPF party has history and the party does not enroll any individual randomly but only after proper scrutiny. He mentioned that such act on the misuse of the banner was “answerable” and therefore demanded clarification.
NPF youth Dimapur division, president, Temsuyanger Jamir termed the event as a “cheap politics”. The party therefore demanded clarification and suggested legal actions against them.
Meanwhile, NDPP party clarified that the meeting was attended by around 202 members- that included public, Self Help Groups and few officials, who were no longer affiliated to NPF party.


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