Sunday, October 2, 2022

Nagaland: NPGN NNC condemn ‘unauthorised meeting’

National People’s Government of Nagaland (NPGN) Naga National Council (NNC) regions, in separate statements, have vehemently condemned the August 30 “unauthorised meeting” of NPGN NNC.
In a press release, NPGN Chang region chairman and senior kilonser, B Imlong Chang has condemned the “gruesome conspiracy hatched by misnomer elements by conducting unauthorised meeting”.
NPGN Chang region has also condemned the “efforts of conspirators to further create division among the legitimate government of NPGN NNC”.
It cautioned the Nagas to be aware of the “birth of another new government with sole aim to project tax industry” and asked the Nagas to oppose any “unscrupulous elements for form new government to added unbearable burden to the tax payers”.
Further, NPGN Chang has extended unflinching support and allegiance to its ato kilonser and co-convenor NNPGs, Hozheto Chophi.
In a separate statement, NPGN NNC Sangtam region chairman and kilonser, Tsasemong Sangtam has ridiculed and condemned the “distractors who are trying tarnish the legitimate and stable government of NPGN NNC”.
The region has condemned the “act of sedition committed by irresponsible elements at a time when the Nagas are eagerly waiting for political solution”.
NPGN Sangtam region has implored the Nagas to “resist any attempt for formation of new government on pretext for thriving tax collection for selfish ends”.
Further, the region has declared “unequivocal support” to the leadership of NPGN NNC ato kilonser and co-convenor NNPGs, Hozheto Chophi.