Saturday, October 8, 2022

NPGN/NNC (N/A) supports FA

NPGN/NNC (N/A) president, T. Ovung has extended its support to the resolutions passed reaffirming implementation of Framework Agreement during the August 26 coordination meeting held at Agri-Expo site, Dimapur Naga National workers of the NSCN (I-M) of Nagaland.
In a press note, Ovung appreciated the Naga national workers from Nagaland for showing their boldness, unity and strength for the cause of Naga freedom.
He said Nagas have sacrificed everything and suffered a lot for the cause of Naga nation. “So, solution for Naga political problem should not be so simple and cheap as Government of India thinks,” he stated.
Asserting that Nagas have the historical right to have its own flag and constitution, he said “Nagas would not accept solution in any manner without separate flag and constitution”.
Therefore, on behalf NPGN/NNC (N/A), Ovung has appealed to the Government of India once again to solve the Naga political problem at the earliest based on the Framework Agreement that would be acceptable to all Nagas.