Wednesday, October 5, 2022

NSCM&CF chairman refutes NPCC allegation

Nagaland State Co-operative Marketing and Consumer Federation (NSCM&CF) Ltd chairman has denied indulging in illegal activities as alleged by Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), which it termed as ludicrous and condemnable.
In a statement, NSCM&CF chairman M Chuba Ao clarified that it had procured some local areca nuts that were actually all waste products beyond human consumptions/use and meant for industrial purposes only, highlighting the fact that it was a marketing agency that focused on promoting local products and local people. It claimed that the areca nut in question was procured from the local vendors to help them dispose their unsold produce.
Further, the tax that was paid was helping generate revenue for the State as the federation was trying to help the local growers and vendors to get a market and help them in economic growth.
Unfortunately, M Chuba said the consignment was seized by Guwahati Railway Police in February this year due to a miscommunication, adding that it had already filed an appeal in local court to get the consignment released.
The court had sought a forensic test of the areca nuts to determine whether these were of waste quality and the report was awaited.
M Chuba, who is also the BJP national vice president, accused NPCC of making fabricated stories without any basis to keep itself in the limelight, noting that public support for Congress was almost nil and that it was standing on the verge of extinction both nationally and locally.
M. Chuba said NPCC was known to resorting to such unethical tactics to discredit and undermine the sincere efforts of development of other parties and their members.