Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NSF demands scrapping of NSSB interview system


As the Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB) begins the process of recruitment for several posts (pay matrix level 4 to 7) in various departments, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has demanded that NSSB should either scrap interview system or minimise the marks allotted to viva voce.
Addressing a press conference at the federation’s office here Tuesday, NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said the interview system has the possibility of manipulation. Asserting that meritocracy and fairness should be the priority, NSF said the interview system should be scrapped.
Lauding the state government for making NSSB functional, NSF has, however, said that there should not be any discrepancies while conducting the exam.
Expressed apprehension that the 12.5 % marking for vice voce would create room for manipulation, the federation said it strongly objected the move.
Claiming that the state government has excess employees but without efficiency, NSF said NSSB should bring the right person for the right job.
To ensure all the available post vacancies be requisitioned to NSSB, NSF said it had filed RTI in almost all the departments. It, however, expressed dismay that only about 40 departments responded and number of vacancies and post requisitioned did not tally.
NSF has, therefore, appealed to all the departments to cooperate with the board and send the available posts to NSSB for fair recruitment.
Responding to a query on alleged backdoor appointments that was circulating on social media recently, Tep said NSF does not intervene without evidence. He, however, said that NSF pursued the matter with the state government as to whether the circulation was genuine.
Further, with regard to line Central Staff Selection Commission (SSC), the ministry had issued directive many years back not to conduct interview or viva voce for grade III. Therefore, he said that since the modalities of NSSB was framed on the basis of SSC, to recruit any grade III position, viva voce or interview was not required.
However, he said that as far as the practicality of the state of Nagaland is concerned, many of the departments expressed the view that to recruit, physical test and verification would be required in order to see the efficiency of the individual.
Therefore, he said that if so required, certain marks can be allotted for viva voce or physical interview.
However, despite its repeated demand, Tep said NSSB came up with 12.5 marks for interview, which he said was “too much.”
NSF president assured to cooperate in the conduct of the exam, but said that the federation would however, ensure that interview was not held.
Asserting that NSSB would be conducting interview for more than 500 posts, Tep said that since the upcoming exam would be the first, if things go wrong, it would lead to confusion and misunderstanding leading to even collapse the board, which he maintained NSF did not wish to see happen.