Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NTTU boycott entry of timbers

Nagaland Timber Traders Union (NTTU) has boycotted entry of timbers (round logs/sawn timbers) from Peren district to other districts with immediate effect.
In a press release NTTU joint secretary, stated that the resolution was taken on January 31, after Civil Society Organisation of Peren without any justified reasons had banned transportation of round logs beyond Peren, without taking into concerns the interests of Nagaland Timber Traders Union members.
In this regard, the union stated that all timbers from Peren would be prohibited to enter into other respective districts, which would be further imposed by the federating units.
It stated that boycott of entrance of timbers from Peren to other districts would be in force till the case is resolved between CSO’s of Peren and Nagaland Timber Traders Union.
The union further warned that any of its members violating the resolution would be strictly dealt with as per the constitution of Nagaland Timber Traders Union.