Monday, August 8, 2022

NTUCT reiterates ‘One Government One Tax’

Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town (NTUCT) has reiterated that no group or organisation etc will be allowed to impose any tax within Chümoukedima district in pursuance of the Naga public resolution for “One Government, One Tax.”
NTUCT president Lhousito Khro and general secretary Longshi Kikon informed that the executive at its meeting reaffirmed the unanimous decision of Nagas taken on November 19, 2017 for “One Government One Tax”.
The NTUCT signatories said the union also took strong exception to multiple taxation demands being served by various Naga political groups and other organisations on the business establishment through various means. NTUCT expressed strong condemnation against such elements and declared that it will not allow any individual or organisation to disturb the peaceful atmosphere in Chümoukedima district.
The executive clarified that NTUCT, as the apex organisation of tribal bodies taking such a stand, was intended for the welfare of common people.
NTUCT termed the mushrooming growth of multiple societies and organisations, both constitutional or extra-constitutional in Nagaland, as posing grave threat against a progressive and peaceful society.
It therefore appealed to authorities not to allow or recognise such bodies within the jurisdiction of Chümoukedima, so as to maintain peaceful atmosphere and tranquillity in the district.
Meanwhile, NTUCT also expressed deep concern over the reckless car driving on the four-lane NH-29, leading to loss of precious lives. NTUCT appealed to the authorities to take appropriate steps to ensure safety of public due to frequent road accidents.


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