Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Nagaland Voluntary Consumer Organisation (NVCO) appeals to ensure implementation on removal of check gates

While expressing appreciation to the Nagaland Governor Jagdish Mukhi for his initiative in asking the state government to close down multiple check gates set up by government departments including municipal and town councils and for removal of temporary standing structure, Nagaland Voluntary Consumer Organisation (NVCO) has urged upon public and civil societies to support the government order issued recently in this regard to district administrations.
NVCO however reminded that an earlier government order issued on June 22, 2009 prohibiting collection of taxes by any organisation/persons including departments such as police, excise, forest and taxes at check post and highways failed. Though some check gates were dismantled, it said the collection business restarted by police and organisations. In particular NVCO alleged that several policemen especially the lower ranks lobbied for posting at check gates as it was lucrative.
NVCO also said Manipur-bound truck drivers regularly pay through cash-counters along the national highway besides several such counters across the heart of Dimapur City including train station to associations, unions etc.
It also said that the High Court (Kohima Bench), through an order dated June 3, 2014 disallowed associations, unions etc from collecting money on highway but the order was never complied with. According to NVCO, such illegal collections continue despite such orders and which have been the main factor for price shooting up in the market. It said since the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act subsumes all other taxes, there cannot be any other tax imposed on any item. In this regard, NVCO demanded to know from the Dimapur district administration as to why inter-state check gates at New Field, Dellai and Khatkhati were being allowed including counters of DMC and Police when other states have already removed such check gates in lieu of GST regime coming into effect?
It went on to point out that illegal taxation has been going on under different nomenclature imposed on the business community, government employees, development projects by various groups including abnormal commissions in the name of party fund etc.
NVCO therefore appealed to the public including government and CSOs “not to compromise” with the recent state government order for dismantling all unauthorised check gates for collection of money in any form so as to “being an end to the menace of illegal taxation/cash collection in the state of Nagaland.”


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